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From our email shared on July 27th:

Britain and I have some information that we would like to share regarding some changes to the Mobile Users Group. Like the Tech & Trends (TnT) group, MUG has struggled lately with attendance and the organization of events/meetings due to everyone's busy schedules and shifting job responsibilities. So, we have decided to make some changes.

Fortunately, we are not announcing that MUG will be going away! Instead, we have decided to merge the Mobile Users Group with the Tech and Trends group. As technology has progressed, the groups have begun having very similar conversations and goals. TnT once specialized in social media, but now has a much broader focus. MUG was once meeting in a coffee house discussing how to use iPads in the classroom, but now includes many devices with many use cases. All in all, mobile devices have become our computers.

Details are still being worked out, but the TnT core members are also organizing a non U-M associated group that has online biweekly meetings over the Friday lunch hour: Eat & Geek. We plan to chat about all things technology/food related and make recordings of the conversations available later (podcast-style). If you are interested in joining Eat & Geek, let us know and we will add you to our Google Group and Slack channel. Our next meeting is this Friday, so rather than attending MUG in the morning, you are invited to virtually join us over lunch!

Future MUG meetings will be removed from your Google Calendar, but we will keep our Google+ Community and minutes available online. We will be in touch regarding logistics of merging the two groups. And if one day we decide that mobile devices need a separate home, we can explore the prospect of MUG returning as a Community of Practice.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know.

You are invited to join the Tech & Trends Facebook group below:

Hi, All!

A colleague is looking to purchase 2 unlocked Android GSM phones (via grant funds) for use during international travel. Nothing too expensive, but "no clunkers" either. Any recommendations for us?


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Does anyone have any tips for using an iPhone (or any phone, really) in Canada? Next month, I'm headed to Toronto for a conference and would highly to prefer to avoid international roaming charges. I don't make many phone calls, but would like data available for help with directions, iMessages, email, etc. WiFi should be available at the hotel/conference center, but one never knows how reliable it'll be.

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Now available! I've been beta testing it over the last few weeks & am a big fan.

Do you download apps for conferences or events? We are exploring Guidebook and EventBoard for our #UMich StaffWorks conference this May. What features would do you like or dislike in these apps? Many include session details, speaker info, poster info, agendas, maps and floor plans, and social media plug-ins...

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If this is true, I might be purchasing a new tablet this year.

Is anyone using any iPad teleprompter apps and have a recommendation on the best one to purchase? We'd like to use one of our old iPads as a teleprompter in our recording studio at THL. Thanks!

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Here are the minutes from today's meeting. Thank you all for coming!

How widely used is Blue Jeans conferencing at the U of M?  According to ITS' Blue Jeans administrator, U of M Faculty & Staff are using 900,000+ minutes (15,000 hours) a month and its growing.  He expects to see a million minutes a month by mid year.
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