I Need help With XML Modeling, Someone can help me? ;b

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To all the people in the MBF and MBC who are subbed to my channel: Thank you guys for helping me reach my goal of 100 subs!! I hope you guys enjoy my vids! You're the best! I have uploaded a 100 sub special and its epic! Go check it outttt!

Quem quer jogar minebuilder comigo me ade no skype :cleberson ferezin

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New Mine builder update look
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Please visit my YouTube channel mine craft man9080 make sure you put a space before man or you will not got the right channel don't dislike it because I am just starting remember to like and subscribe mine craft man9080 out

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My Galaxy Mod is back. I hope you like it. It is Alpha but in one/one and a half weeks Beta come out. Stay tuned for more information.
Here is the link to my topic:

So, the Summer Holidays are almost over and I'm sure alot of you have been building so lets see some of your creations! 1.12 is upon us and will open up more opportunities in-game such as farming and electrical wiring leading to a better gaming experience. :D 1.14 ☺ Enjoy the remaining days, if any, of your Summer Holidays.

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Here you have all recipes for 1.13. Enjoy it!!

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MBGuide- Minebuilder Companion Android Application!

Releases tomorrow on Google Play!


Would like to try and join the MB community again. :) +Nath Ward told me there was a chat somewhere?
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