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Everyone could use an inspirational quote everyday ♡

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Hey all, could ya help a dear friend of mine out with her channel? Gracie is an incredible vocalist, and needs support on YouTube.

So if ya could give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe, ya won't regret it! You have my guarantee on that.

Let's see what we can do!

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Fresh free range eggs!

Welp.... been a crappy past 24 hours. We came home last night, Katie got excited because we were home, tackled Zoe, Zoe barked at her, Katie locked her jaw around Zoe's neck. We made the decision to euthanize Katie, but we have decided to at least explore adopting her out since she is not aggressive in any other case. Prayers that a good family will find her and that we will not have to put her down, also that she would not show aggression with people.

So yeah... we figured out a way to keep both dogs. Fixed the fencing, and will keep them separate at all times.

Why did I commit to this? now I am super scared... especially because most 15 year olds are not in college. But I am, or will be tomorrow at ten.

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The Eclipse!!!

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As I climbed the ladder to the top window, I could not help noticing the Brown Widow spiders lining the window edges. I was busily capping counter sunk screw heads on all sides of the picture windows. I had smashed every spider, or so I thought, as I pressed in the first cap. All went will till I reached the second to last cap. Apparently I brushed a web in a bug-like fashion for the next thing I knew, I felt a sharp pain on the side of my finger. Instinctively I pulled my hand away and looked at the painful place. There were 2 red fang marks and the spider that inflicted them sat there staring unblinkingly at me. It was on of those Brown Widow spiders. Now, they are quite poisonous and my finger had swelled to one and a half times it's normal size within a couple minutes. Electricity applied to a spider bite will neutralize the protein in the venom making it harmless. I quickly ran to our truck and pulled out our taser. This taser we do not keep for self-defense, but for such a time as this. Lighting up my finger with 700,000 volts is not a activity I do for fun, but when the venom from this Brown Widow spider is swelling my finger like crazy, I am wiling to do it. I placed the terminals on either side of the bite. "Oh I don't want to do this" I though, "but I must!" I pressed the red button and instantly my whole had experienced the effects of that 700,000 volts.
As fast as the swelling came, it started to go. The red fang marks were still visible but the pain was gone, the redness diminished, and the swelling subsided. Within 15 minutes, my finger was back to normal.
Praise God we had the taser. Praise God I had obeyed when 2 days ago, my mom asked me to charge the taser and put it back in the truck. Praise God for the protection He always gives to His children. Today I have been reminded that I would be dead if God was not protecting me. "Thank you so much, God!"

So the other day I'm in Barnes and noble, enjoying the book to person in my vicinity ratio of about 300 to 1 when something quite unusual and unexpected happened.

I was walking towards the checkout with a large stack books in my arms when I heard someone yell "HEY!" Behind me.

I turned around just to make sure the person wasn't talking to me, but instead I saw a grumpy 60 something year old man walking briskly towards me.

The guy came up and said "where are books on travel?"

Now I've been to Barnes and noble a few dozen times since I got my licence, but unless you're looking for the kid's department or the teen section I am completely lost.

So I said "I'm afraid I don't know." To which he replied, "Well, can you find out?"

At this point a few things crossed my mind, like "does this guy think I'm an employee?" Or "am I this guy's baby sitter?" Even "panda express sounds really good today, I think I'll eat there."

Instead of saying any of those things I pointed at a kiosk and said "you can search for the book you're looking for over there and it will tell you where in the store it is."

At this point I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was helping this grumpy, slightly rude man to whom I owe nothing even though it was causing me a delay out of the goodness of my heart.

He then walked past me and said "*BAH*, you're useless."

It was it his point I thought to myself, "So this is the way it's going to go. My kids will ask me one day, 'daddy, why did you go to jail?' And I'll say 'I beat up an old jerk in a book store.'"

I of course didn't beat up the old jerk, but part of me really wanted to.

Who needs a book on traveling anyways? What is a book on traveling? Does it tell you how to travel? Does it tell you where to travel? Does it tell you about the place you are traveling to?

Why not just look this stuff up on the internet?

I'm so confused.

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Don't adjust your dial, we are in control now. You are about to enter a world that is almost the same, but slightly different from your own. A world where up is down and left is right. A world where kabar has stepped down as owner because she turned 20 today, leaving two complete knuckleheads in charge.

Welcome to this world, welcome to the twilight zone.
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