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By the way there can be more of a certain species. Just have to see someone be it, and I'll add it. Like if someone put vampire as a species, I'd add Vampire Gang Leader.

If you want to contribute something, go right ahead. Like if you want me to change something, I'll put it into consideration. I don't just want this community to just be about me ruling. I want you guys to have fun too.

Principal: Me
Teachers (Three per subject):

Angel Gang Leader:
+Møka Bear! 

Demon Gang Leader:

-No op characters
-No killing anyone without permission
-No bulling unless rp
-Be nice to everyone out of rp
-This is not really a rule, but a kind of btw , all high schoolers should be from level 50-75. Everyone else can be any level they want to. Just not too op.

I will not even respond if you don't have this exact template. It means a lot. You obviously don't have to put the things that are optional, but it would be mysterious if you put something like: You'll find out~...
Profile Template:

Power Level(1-100. Can be risen at anytime, just has to do with character development):
Species (Human, Demon, Angel, etc.):
Bio (optional):

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People who make me happy^^
+Natsumi Magneel
+Natsu Dragneel
+Bridget Spears
+Erza Scarlet
+Matty Bear!
+BMO The Killer
+Noctis Caelum
+Moka Is Vampire
+Kirigaya Kazutol
+Kanade Tachibona
+Altair Epsilon
+Grey Crimson
+Mirochi Uchiha
+Batman The Dark Knight
P.s there were some people I couldn't add because my phone sucks but u know who u are

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Name:Yolo Neko
Power level:85
Species:Demon Neko
Personality:shy and quiet when u first meet me but cheerful,funny,hyper and perverted and if u mess with my friends or family that's when Ur on my bad side
Bio:When I was 5 I got kidnapped by a clan who used me as a science experiment that's made me turn into a Neko,i made a contract with a demon to make me one in exchange for my soul i then broke out and killed everyone
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Name:Edward Elrich
Power level: Depends
Personality:Immature,Witty,Stubborn,Strong Willed
Bio:Parents died so he had to train himself he once tried to revive his om back from the dead but instead brought back a mindless demon.He now is teamed with his little brother Al Elrich who is in a meta body.The only way he can bring back his brother in his human body is if he killed the person who put his brother in that body.
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Aaron sits on top of one of the locker room lockers playing with her black fire

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Name: Aaron Akiyama
Age: 15
Grade/Position: 9th grade
Power Level(1-100. Can be risen at anytime, just has to do with character development): 60
Species (Human, Demon, Angel, etc.): Demon
Personality: Aaron is a fire starter. She hates everyone and never likes to socialize because she is afraid she will say too much and the people she cares for will hate her forever.
Bio: Was forced to go to this school by the council, after her constant felonies.

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Name: Natsumi Dragneel
Age: 25
Grade/Position: Principal
Power Level(1-100. Can be risen at anytime, just has to do with character development): 95
Species (Human, Demon, Angel, etc.): Angel
Personality: Natsumi is very supportive, but can kick your ass if your not respecting who you are supposed to.
Bio (optional): She was one of the soldiers that fought again the demons in 2030. She was the one selected to take care of the kids at this new school.
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