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avast does not recognize the internal rear doors which have been installed on the phone and not all pup with threats. including hazardous cookies does not recognize. these malicious programs will not recognize the Malware backdoors:
com.adups.fota I would like an answer to this issue..

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Vocês podiam libera o app Lock para broquear todos os apps do celular

Add parental control to block inappropriate contents in the Internet.

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Not quite sure if this is where we put our imput on the apps performance, Ifind that the app self closes and hangs for way to long or just freezes up completely. Now I'm sure that you are completely aware of these issues, but in the regular version not so much. I think that when you have pictures in your gallery the pic cleaner shouldn't just put all of your photos out at one time to choose which ones you want to keep, but separate the folders individually and pick that way. Every time it wants to clean photos you have to recheck all of your photos all over again....tedious , and maybe with the wi-fi security you canhave a detailed list of all the devices on your home network so that you can name your devices, that way you know if there is a unknown devicec on your network thatway you can immediately change your network password
Just some feedback and helpful ideas I hope.
And on a lighter note this maybe off topic but as you cancsee by my profile pic, I'm a dog man, thought a pictures of my kids might put a smile on so faces!
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Is there a problem why I can't seem to get information on my device when I try to view it's status on Avast.com "my devices"?

Paguei a assinatura anual do app 9,90 ano mas veio 9,90 mensal...

Cancelei o app e devo cancelar todas as assinaturas pq acho ruim falarem cobrança anual e derrepente vem mensal...

Não consigo achar um local pra pedir ajuda então vai por aqui mesmo 😥

Is it possible for AMS to create a virtual environment like Avast Sandbox in PC version?
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