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to help this get more popular and active so there are more posts share this to people (dis aint gonna be active with only a phew members) =3 anyways have fun

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NAME: Emma
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Female
OTHER: Is the daughter of one of the demon higher ups
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((My RWBY character))

Name: Orion

Age: 18

Height: 6ft 7in

Weight: None of yo buisness

Occupation: A second year student at Beacon

Affiliation: Myself

Appearance: Asian, jet black hair and emerald green eyes

Cousin-Chaos Knight aka Agent Nevada

Relationship status: Single....for now

Weapons: A black sword named Elucidator, a bruteshot, a kunai tied to a rope and a magnum

Clothes: black t-shirt, jeans, black running shoes, black trench coat, black baseball cap, black bandanna I love the color black

Sembalance: teleportation

Skills: assault, stealth, hacking, gaming and flirting

Personality: cocky, arrogant, kind of a dick and grumpy on monday mornings

Bio: I was born in Vale to a badass huntress mom who died on a mission and was left with my abusive, drunk father. I went to Signal with my little sister, we were the best dual-weilders in the school. When I graduated my little sister went missing and hasn't been found since.
At beacon I wasn't the most popular kid there on my first year. But my second year changed my life.
I met these real cool kids, two of them were a little young to be at Beacon, but meh. There was this one girl, Blake Belladonna, a little quiet and a real cutie, she ended up being my first friend at Beacon.
Then shit started to get real crazy when WF attacks were growing more frequent. That's when a ship of unknown origin crashed in the forest.
The only survivor inside was my cousin Chaos who I've not seen ever since I was 7. We bonded and talked about our adventures and such, then he gave me this wicked peice of tech called The Meta's armor, he said to use it in emergencies and I reluctantly agreed.

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