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Honhonhon so u have come across my empire


here are rules:

1) Try to post to the correct category, I know it's difficult but if u have any questions, tag me (kai draws)

2) No bullying! Yeah, there's a rant section here but DO NOT use names when complaining about people unless you are reporting a troll or art thief. Otherwise links to profiles and names will not be ok and you will be asked to edit or remove the post.

3) Art posters: No stolen art if you are posting in the "Are you an Artist" category. Must be your own works, stolen pieces will result in an immediate ban

4) Art posters: If you are posting to the "Do u have art that not urs" You must credit the artist! Otherwise the post will be removed!

5) Shit posting is welcome

6) Don't bully other humans, be decent. We are an empire, we can't function if we're all dick heads

Enjoy your stay

What happened here why is everyone gone

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My friend and I were playing the Hunger Games simulator. It went beautifully

I don't really like the part where I sleep with a weirdo feminist 234397th gender weirdo but I like the part where I kill them. I love how I win

My favorite part is slicing the furry
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I'm as dead inside as this community is dead

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can i bee a be

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ohh mi arts iz original

Is this the new British Empire? Cause I missed the last one and was wondering when we were doing the whole "Take over roughly a quarter of the world" thing again. Or is this power through passive aggressive threats? I can accept that too.

I don't know what religion this is but I'm interested.

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The most formidable of foes
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