Hello newcomers! Everyone is welcome to start a rp (as long as it fits within the guildlines)

Sorry for the absence I've been very busy. I'm thinking of starting a mafia rp. Should I?

 MATURE CONTENT WARNING, POSSIBLE SEXUAL CONTENT: For Steven with a ma call it, Last we left of we both heard a strange radio message:
Good evening, I’m Mark Co-static. As we reported earlier, we have reports of attacks static all over Minneapolis. static what seems to be mass hysteria. long static, what seem to be a woman’s voice starts badly injured are pouring in. static are told most of the injuries are bites. static the situation don’t seem to be improving.static the first voice resumes Viewer should be advised there is no official explanation of the phenomenon.static advised to stay home. static and music resumes
You though some people were under some drug.
I though it was more likely it was a disease. 

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Me: hello? is there anyone out there? this the Cpt. James. S Reese of the UNSC Spirt of Fire. we are requesting assistance, our ship a partially damaged and we don't know what planet we are located at. any one that hears this message please assist if able. (( this is a starter for an RP, feel free to join))

hi guys

heyy jane :)

MATURE CONTENT WARNING, POSSIBLE SEXUAL CONTENT VEIWER BE WARNED. Last we left off You had just told me you wouldn't leave me. You and I sat for a while on the floor the went to bed. John woke you up. 
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