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I said it one. This is what you guys should have done.
I would be talking to those guys now If I was you :)

Pas de nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles! J'ai utilise il y a un peu plus de trois ans, le fabuleux Joli OS 1.2 recus sur un DVD multi-distro. Je suis tombe amoureux de cet excellent OS qui a donne une nouvelle vie a mon ancien Dell (circa 2002). Malhereusement je n'ai plus cet ordinateur avec moi et voudrais reinstaler le desktop environment. Apres avoir telecharge le fichier zif et decompresser comment dois-je m'y prendre?

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Hello people. I said it one that you should keep an eye on the Ahomé folks. It looks like they are building what jolicloud should have been. Impressive

Please bring back Joli OS. It was awesome and ran on my older hardware. A new version would be fantastic and I could really use the exceptional performance on my "new" older hardware!

What's the status of your ebook readers? This would be a great feature, but I tried it and you don't seem to support either epub or mobi.

I received the "tell us why you haven't used drive in a while" e-mail which invites me to click my avatar then click feedback. Well there is no feedback, only account and sign out. So I've joined this group to let this company know where they went wrong.

I joined jolidrive pro with the promise of being able to copy or move files and folders between cloud services. This is simply NOT possible, and it's false advertising to say it is.

I had google drive + dropbox + mediafire logged in and I wanted to copy folders (full of files and subfolders) from mediafire to google drive. That isn't possible. Neither is copying even a single file and I tried multiple times.

So many things do not work about jolidrive I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone and by the way where is jolicloud "online desktop"? It doesn't seem to exist yet all the advertising (even here on google+) claims that it does.

The whole company is a joke. I don't want anything more to do with them. Cancelled pro and deleted my account. The ONE thing I wanted to do with it isn't possible.

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Jolidrive used to be so awesome.

I find no way to "Copy" a file, only a "Move" button. Why?

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