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Welcome to everyone recently joining up and taking part in this Google Educator Group for the Sydney chapter.

Please take a minute to introduce yourself, sharing where you work, who you work with and maybe a picture of yourself too.

This community is just getting started and is focused on running a whole variety of free professional development for teachers - so make sure you check out the EVENTS link on the left hand sidebar. 

If you are interested in running an event please just get in touch with your ideas - and be sure to share this community with colleagues at your schools. Good luck and speak with you soon!

Hello, I am the teacher librarian ICT reading recovery person at Arncliffe PS. Currently trying to upskill myself in all things G Suite.

Hi everyone,

My name is Christie and I am a Primary trained teachers with a M.Ed (Special) currently working at the local Sports High School in the Support Unit, teaching a group of Year 9 boys with ASD.

I have always been interested in how to integreate technology in the classroom, and it's important now as I work with students who use devices. I also like sharing my resources and ideas via my blog and TpT store.

Currently enjoying the Google Education training course, and can't wait to implement more of what I learn into my teaching.

Hello everyone. I am a teacher in the United States, Missouri. I am learning about Google Educator. I am excited to share what I know and learn from others around the world. I teach troubled students who have been suspended. They are homebound. It's a touchy situation, but we make it work.
Glad to be here.

Hi Everyone, I currently teach commercial cookery to international students. I am interested in understanding how to move my class into the digital space. Currently the training program being used is exactly the same as it was when I went through school 26 years ago. Very excited

Hi everyone

I'm Sarah from Bargo PS in South West Sydney. I am currently undertaking the Level 1 certification. It's nice to meet you all.

Hello everyone,

I am a student enrolled in a Masters of Teaching (secondary) at Avondale College in Lake Macquarie. I'm hoping to glean a little of the experience and expertise from this wonderful group.

Thanks so much :)

Hi everyone - I am currently investigating applying to become a Google Certified Trainer. I already have my Google Educator Level One and Level Two badge and am currently working in a role in my school in which I train the rest of our staff in using Google and other technologies to enhance quality teaching.

I was reading about the application process online to become a certified trainer and am worried that although I might have the knowledge (I hope) and the motivation, I might not have recognition that is required from attending formal Google professional development and delivering registered professional development (although I do that on an informal basis daily as part of my job).

Any certified trainers out there, could you advise me on the process and if I do need formal Google professional development, where I can go about obtaining or applying for this?



Hi everyone,

My name is Shelley.

I've only just found out about Google Classroom today, so extremely excited. I'm now in the process of learning all about it to create a few sessions for my disabled trainees.

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