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Some kind of... code poetry?

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Spam Poetry:
(harmful link & Moral included: From Sivananda)

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Hi guys, nice to meet you all, I have something i'd like to share with you all!

This is the "poems to life" reflection of, Especially for you because maths is the music of reason, it is both crueller and kinda than Love could ever be! A contrast of my mind at 24 beside me at 32

"A glimpse into the mind of someone with a hyper stimulated Fantasy prone personality (FPP) and a hint of obsessive compulsiveness. due to my nature and journey i have had to make sense of things, I had no choice. I wrote the poems when I was 24 and analyse them when i was 32 on the "Concepts of Reality - Poems to Life" playlist."

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HTML for Babies
(By <!-- Code Babies --> )

From shop:
"Volume 01 of Web design for Babies
It's never too early to be standards compliant! Show your little ones HTML markup code along with letter forms to get them started on the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the Web. The first in a three-volume set, originally designed by a NYC Web Designer for his baby, this beautiful book is a fun and colorful introduction to the world of web design for babies".

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When I wrote this code...
By: +Murat Purç @purcaholic

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How Art, Can help us to talk (and teach) Technology:
By: Qi

Thanks to +Laura Ess at Retro Computing

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It's not officially poetry but since people have been having fun with the random haiku... This recipe generator always makes me laugh :-)


eggs and butter cake


7 pinchs of sugar

7 bags of eggs

7 cups of butter

6 cups of cheese

2 kilograms of milk

5 cups of flour


mash the sugar with the eggs

freeze the butter with the cheese in a huge wet box

grind the milk with the flour until light and fluffy

stand by the window for 5 hours

Serves 13

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1959 : Theo Lutz, Stochastic Text

In 1959, on a Zuse Z22 computer Theo Lutz inserted sixteen chapter titles and subjects from Kafka’s The Castle into a database and programmed them to recombine into phrases joined by grammatical glue. As with most of the early references on this site, this reference appears courtesy of C. Funkhouser who cites Lutz (on pg. 37 of Prehistoric Digital Poetics) as potentially the first known practitioner of contemporary digital poetry.

Aprile | Computer poems. Dall’archeologia al source code poetry

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The poetry must properly compile in any programming language. 
Submitted source code does NOT necessarily has to rhyme (it could!), but it must to be a valid program in one way or another.
Comments and string literals are NOT permitted
Submit your entry to BEFORE June 6th 2016.
(Too late, SORRY!!!)
* ticket to Build Stuff conference (in Kiev or Vilnius)
* Angus Croll's book "If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript"
Additional prizes for authors of top 2 poems:
The Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard
Wi-fi Kindle Paperwhite eBook. 
First place winner will receive a coupon for JetBrains tool license

Jury Committee:
Greg Young (author of CQRS)
Angus Croll (author of the book "If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript") 
Daniel Holden (last year's Code Poetry winner).

If Hemingway Wrote Javascript:
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