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name: banshou  .
age:  looks  16
gender: male and  female. but   dresses  like a  girl most  of  the  time.
race:  vampire.
personalty  in   male  form:   tsundere .
personality in female form: Kuudere .
job: she is  a   singer , model , actor  but   works part  time at  a maid  cafe.
likes:  nothing .
dislikes: everything .
bio: when  he  /she  was  young   banshou  parents  got  divorced    and he/she  went  to   live  with  her  father   .  but   when     his /her  father    got  very   ill  she went   to live  with  his/her   mother  and  sister  but    her   best  friend tried  to  kill  her and   she  fell  of  the  cleft  and  her   sister  and mother  found her  and    brought   her  to the  hospital  but  she  went  into a  deep  coma   and  has  not  woken up  sense  then.   
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Kisa: hey come on drags you to the cafe ...lets get something here smiles

Korra: sighs ..ok dont have to pull me though...smiles a little
(Anyone wanna join? ^^ )

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+Jade Cudney  please approve of my OC i have for this community. ^^
Name: Kisa 
Age: 16
Bio: Kisa is a quit but cheerful girl, she loves working in labs and hanging out with friends, but 2 things you need to know about her is that she loves cooking and reading. She attends the Tokyo Central University(just made it up ^^) for her education in science and medician. 

+Jade Cudney  may i join your awesome amnesia role play?

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+Jade Cudney  i also have a character i just made up she's actually Kisa's best friend please approve of her profile too ^^
Name: Korra
Age: 18
Bio: she's a very emo goth girl, she looks out for Kisa, they have been friends sense they were kids, she's in a rock punk band and doesnt give a crap about people, but she's actually pretty cool when you get to know her. 

sings now i see the light as i walk to the sore

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age: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: unknown
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is wandering around town wondering if I can find another person to 'play' with

Thanks chu for the invite

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