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Ok I now have some rules
Rule 1: No spam
Rule 2: No fucking UTTP
Rule 3: no fighting
Rule 4: stay the fuck away from +Toy Bonnie​​
Rule 5: don't ask to be a moderator
That's all

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RED RED! I dare you see this!

.........How Many Times A Day Do You Smoke A Cigar Red? Don't Mind Meh Askingggg

Alright Red.... On A Scale 1-50 How Much Do You Hate Vincent?

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I DARE YOU THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Animated Photo

Red! Red!
Ask my Sharigan!

Hey red are you and candy rivals

If you don't know candy he's from five nights at candys

He has a place called candys burgers and fries

Le Poof you have a sharigan eye for 5 questions!
idk im crazy and weird :3

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(+Red +Clyde)

Red, explain...

Sօ Rɛɖ Hօա Dɛա Yօʊ Fɛɛʟ Aɮօʊt Tɦɛ Oċ's Lɨҡɛ Mɛ?~Mɨċɦɛʟʟɛ Schimit
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