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Pure love is matchless in majesty by Meher Baba, God in human form

Of all the forces that can best overcome all difficulties, the greatest is the force of love, because the greatest Law of God is Love, which holds the key to all problems. This mighty force not only enables one to put the ideal of selfless service into practice, but also transforms one into God. It has been possible through love for man to become God; and when God becomes man, it is also due to His Love for His beings.

Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set life aglow. The lasting emancipation of man depends upon his love for God and upon God's love for one and all.

El amor puro es inigualable en majestad por Meher Baba, Dios en forma humana - Pure love is matchless in majesty by Meher Baba, God in human form

De todas las fuerzas que pueden superar todas las dificultades mejor, el más grande es la fuerza del amor, porque el mayor Ley de Dios es Amor, que es la clave de todos los problemas. Esta poderosa fuerza no sólo permite a uno para poner el ideal de servicio desinteresado a la práctica, sino que también transforma a uno en Dios. Ha sido posible a través del amor que el hombre se haga Dios; y cuando Dios se hace hombre, sino que también se debe a su amor por sus seres. El amor es dinámico en acción y contagiosa en vigor. El amor puro es inigualable en majestad; que no tiene paralelo en el poder y no hay oscuridad no se puede disipar. Es la llama eterna que ha establecido radiante vida. La emancipación duración del hombre depende de su amor a Dios y en el amor de Dios por todos y cada uno.

I was given a particular email address for this group if I need to talk or need help. I was hospitalized both seizures and severe depression, anxiety and psychosis. Now that I am back home, the stress of dealing with everyone in my own psychotic family is truly getting to me. Especially since my only  son who is now a teenager wants to listen to all the lies his dad is telling him and how he should come live with him which would be a disaster. My son believes what his lying, cheating, abusive, alcoholic, narcissistic dad tells him even after years of abuse and abandonment. Right now I have no car (thanks to my son's dad ruining it), no money/job, no family support and friends that I gladly helped out whenever I could , seem to have disappeared. I am hoping some of ya'll here might be able to help me. Thank you so very much.

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The Stigma you Never Knew

Dive into the world of Stigma.
The Stigma you Never Knew
The Stigma you Never Knew

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Feel free to check-out our new (and actually working) blog!

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Our First Post
Our First Post

its bin a good while and i wanna thank yall for your support wanna thank yall for listening and talkin with me bout my troubles and yours. Its great to have people to talk to and i thought id update yall on my progress on a better path.

so far ive bin helping others and my scars on my arms and shoulders are gone and i joined the navy so i can have a new life. just wanted to thank yall for being there even though yall never knew me. sorry i bin away for so long. new life picked up and dont have access to comp or phone much with the military

Hello everyone yet again, 
If you’ve managed to make the mistake of believing that ISHEARTS is dead, I understand. With that said, I shall take this time to explain the likely causation of that belief. I have not necessarily abandoned ISHEARTS, but more-or-less taken a step back to determine the magnitude of what I have done. As a result; it’s come to my attention that I have over-reached in both my capacity and focus. For this reason, ISHEARTS will be completely re-constructed as a personal project that purely I will manage and run for the foreseeable future. Please do not take this as abandonment or anything of the sort; I am simply trying to approach this from a different angel.

In the coming days, the site will be pulled offline and built from the bottom-up and YouTube, and Google platforms that ISHEARTS exists on will be renovated or deleted and replaced. What I hope to construct is a more useful and effective ISHEARTS that will not be plagued with the issues it faced before.

I am naturally a busy person and have duties to perform in real life, including acting as a volunteer counselor for teens resulting in the normally large amount of time one must spend managing a project this big (even with help) adversely impacting my life.

I hope to see you all again sometime soon in the future.
All the best, 

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New video on  the Chemical Imbalance Hypothesis
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