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Firefox 57 update

The upcoming Firefox 57 (Quantum) update drops support for classic add-ons. Desktop Notifications is affected by this and will no longer work after updating to Firefox 57. We are working on porting our Chrome extension to Firefox 57+. Due to incompatibilities in the Firefox API, we are required to rewrite parts of the extension. We are probably unable to finish the rewrite before the release of Firefox 57. For the meantime, we suggest either looking for a replacement add-on, using the Firefox long-term support version (ESR), or running the Chrome extension in the background. Thank you for your support.

where are the desktop notifications for google chrome? Windows 10

Absolutely love this app. Would it be possible to have the ability to choose a different sound notification feature in a future update? Currently the only sound I can get is a very low 'dot' sound, which if I don't have my phone out looking at it I will miss the notification.
Again thank you for such a great App!

I stopped getting notifications. This happens every once in awhile and I've always been able to get it working. The test works fine although it doesn't show the number of notifications when that one is up on my phone. I've tried clearing the cache, clearing the data and disconnecting my android app. On the desktop I've reinstalled chrome, disconnected my google account and reconnected it, uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it. I'm still getting the Connection State WAITING FOR BACKOFF error.

Three weeks ago I logged in again, cos my device (my smartphone) wasn't found in the Chrome Extention. Since one week, the device is off again. Why do I have to log in all the time?

Is there a setting to not show the whole message just the notification that i got a message?

Excellent app... Please make it available for opera...

I'm getting duplicate notification from WhatsApp.
Using on Phone and tablet so WhatsApp notifications are sent from phone to tablet.
Any fix? Or what's causing the problem?

How do I mute certain notifications or apps? I really only need SMS notifications, my problem is I have WhatsApp Desktop and I get both the desktop notifications and the mobile WhatsApp notifications. I don't want DesktopNotifications to read my WhatsApp messages on mobile, how do i restrict it?

Its disconnects from google account after a while... after this i need to reconnect again to the account. Any one with this problem?
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