Hi, I just started using this hoping it would work to notify on desktop about google play music tracks on my phone.

Play music has a perpetual notification present on my phone.
Interestingly I get desktop notifications when I pause playback, but not when I play.

I don't get desktop notifications when the next track starts (the phone notification changes to show the current track) which is the feature I was most hoping for.
Do you know anything I could try to fix this?

Is the code open source? I'd be interested in checking out the code myself and see if I can find an improvement for this behavior...

I have old devices still in the list which I no longer control (work laptop from past job). I want them to be guaranteed to be no longer receiving notifications. How can I do this?

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Great tool been using for over 1 year, this issue with the missing icons is still a thing, i am (arch)linux user with firefox and theres still no icon in `customise` however thats a minor gripe (pardon the pun) this is still splendid and wayyyy better than the alternatives.

hello, greetings from indonesia. i would like to know whether the app (on android) would be able to link the notification with the suitable app (if installed), or the website (if the app isn't installed)? thanks for your concern.

This app would be perfect if it allowed you to filter what notifications you see, and had an option to pause/resume.

Hi, I just installed the App and the Firefox Addon. But now? I am totally lost at the moment. Which ID? Where do I get it? Which username? Please help :) Thanks.

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Hello recently I get an error. No matter how often I disable and re-enable this feature this warning is persistent. After re-enabling the access notifications work, but only for a short time. Then back to no notifications. :/

My browser (Firefox) hasn't gotten any notifications in a few days. AFAIK nothing on my phone or browser has changed. It worked fine for the past year. Anyone else?

Is it possible to show the notifications in the Windows 10 info-center?

Hello! This looks like a cool tool, but it hasn't worked since I've set it up. No notifications are being sent, not even the test ones. Anything i can do?

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