What if Iona hadn't married Dartz? What if another girl were to be wedded to the prince of Atlantis? (Y/C) was a simple peasant who lived near the palace. For someone so poor, she had the looks of a princess. She eventually heard that the king is holding a ball that would also be a contest; the winner would be the bride of his beloved son Dartz.

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[Lab experiment rp]


*This is going to be male scientist (must be 20 or over) x a female experiment. I plan to make this rp rated T (13+) or Older Teen (16+). 

*I do not own the images used.

*I am not going to be picky about the minimum amount of sentences. Please do at least 2 sentences or more than two sentences. And I am not going to go too Grammar Nazi. Just please type well enough so I can understand your replies.  


Over the years, technology has improved and the nations started to change. A great land that once large separated into different nations. Rivalries and wars increased. 

Scientists saw corruption and despair. They decided to solve the problems. Some even decided to make a super weapon to try to destroy the other nations. 

One group created a female. She would have a mission; to become the world's savior. The female would recreate the world and become a goddess for the people. 

[the starter (your reply can be anything as long as it is relating to when the girl is going to be awakened from her creating slumber.]
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i stand in front of a large machine checking my weapons

(is sign up required, and if it is what info is needed)

(just for the record)
name: Jonathan gameboy carter
age: 1263
appearance: olive b.d.u.s grey tee-shirt, black trench coat (full length) always visibly carries his pistols mustang and sally
strengths: combat, marksmanship, battle strategy, 
weaknesses: hand to hand and navigation. oh and joke, he sucks at making jokes
likes: his pistols mustang and sally,and his sniper rifle katana, and the varying pets he has come across over the years. as well as pie
dislikes: the twilight saga, in it's entirety.
backstory: born in Scotland in 750 ad, he worked as a blacksmith. he had a wife named anna who was kill by his father in law know only as mr. willhamer. this happened on the day of his daughter Hannah's birth. she was later killed by a poison coated knife at age seven. john two years before hand was beginning to be cursed by a taker named sahsha. the curse was finished to days after his daughter's death. since then he has hunted down willhamers family since  as well as make amends with sahsha.  he became a guardian when he was 1000, and tends to be a bit, nuts when it comes to certain things.
all weapons:(this is important) sally(50 a.e.), mustang(458 socom), katana(centimeter diameter projectile), brutus(50 b.m.g+dark blade) tommyslav(6mm multi-core rod), soul ability(n/a)

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King Lucard sighed as he leaned back in his throne. The nobles of his court just wouldn't leave him alone. All he wished to do was rule in peace, but they always came to him with their problems. And their unwed daughters. The door to this throne room opened yet again.

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I make finishing touches to my sculpture. It's yet another dragon. This one is about the size of a bookend, with rust red scales, a crafty look on his face, and some spark-packs half hidden behind his front arms and tail. I sigh, looking over for small details I might have missed. Satisfied, I carry him to the "cooker" and set him inside to cook. (The cooker is basically an oven made of dark stones that retain heat. It is heated by sunlight coming in through a window that passes through a magnifying pane of glass.) I go out to hunt fish, and see your shadow passing over head. Since I haven't seen any dragons for years, and it flew fast, I couldn't tell what caused the shadow.
Name: Star
Age: ? About teen-ish
Scale Color: Black with blue shine
Eye Color: Bright blue
Claw Color: Obsidian
Wing Color: Black, with silver specks like stars
Element: Water
Story: I live alone in a great tree that used to house me and my family. They're gone now. They disappeared one night and never came back. I was still a hatchling then. I hardly remember them. The tree is close to a large river, where I usually fish and bask on a large rock. I've never met any other dragons since my family disappeared. I never tried. So far, I have lived a nice, solitary life. I use the largest room in the tree for my art. The tree has a small creek that branched off the river as a moat.

+Anita Mist,
You have one warning.


hay star why didn't you add a super-natural category seeing as you like that type of stuff best it just didn't make sense to me but maybe that's what the fantasy category is for but what eves just please tell me cause I want to be a demon human half-breed and that to me is in the super natural category so ya.
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