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((Eveything is needed,nothing shorter))
Quotes ((one or two))
Troup ((has to be in one))
Bio ((short or long,even with short,it has to have detail))
Pets ((horses,tigers or lions if royal,wolves. These are the pets,no dogs or cats))

Anyone wanna rp?

Quotes: "A good friend is like a four leave clover, rare to find and lucky to have" "Go ahead, make my day"

Name: Zackary Wood

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Troup: Outcast

Likes: Basically everything

Dislikes: The people who made fun of him for who he was and hates being an outcast

Bio: He was born in the royal troup. When he was 7 he was basivally useless so his parents disowned him and became an outcast. while being an outcast he learned to do things on his own and became very skilled...when he was 16 his parents found him and saw how skillful he became, but Zackary was very mad at his parents for what they did and he left them again. He's now 18 and he is doing okay for himself.

Appearance: Tall, Blond, kinda handsome

Weapons: Pocket knives, a rusty sword

Pets: Has none

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Quotes "Ready lads! FIRE!"
Name Monika
Age 25
Gender Female
Sexuality Bi
Troup Royals
Likes Order, Organization, Combat,
Dislikes Chaos, Rebellion, Defeat
Bio Orphaned at a young age, Monika was a brought into military service when she joined the Royal Arquebus unit at 16. Since then she has a knack for skirmishes and line combat. She is accurate enough for sniping but trained enough for melee combat where she uses her Arquebus as a spear.
Appearance below
Weapons Arquebus, bayonet.
Pets None

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And this is the castle were the royals meet up at

I almost forgot to tell you guys,in the section part of this it says the island of mowkow ((Moo-cow)). Well,i am writing a book about it,i might post a little bit of it to see if you guys like it

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i was walking by the docks with my bow out

What's the story here?

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Quotes "i am not the girl to fight,but if i have to,i will" "not everything is free,even i know that"
Name casidy
Age 20
Gender female
Sexuality bisexual
Troup The royals
Likes her pet,exploring,making things
Dislikes when people hurt her pet,being with a lot of people
Bio casidy never was one of those snobby and mean royals,she was nice and caring,unless you got in her way. Instead of being waited on hand and foot,she went out to explore,until her loved ones just upped and vanished
Appearance below
Weapons a sword and bow and arrows ((i will post a picture of them))
Pets a female tiger
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