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Leaving this tasty bit here for your reading pleasure. What is it with "kitchen"?

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Hej everyone.

I have been lurking around here for a while but have now decided to introduce my email situation. My profile serves as an introduction of myself.

Working as a researcher in academia in Sweden, I am part of a culture that is centered around email. Communication both in-house and with external people is per default via email. In this sense, I see myself as a rebel since I am trying to persuade all around me to avoid using that default behavior. After all, a social platform developed in-house that contains blogs, forums, document handling and more is available. So, besides picking up the phone to talk to people, I try to get in-house people to use that platform by default instead of using email by default. It is not easy but I think that more and more colleagues are catching on. In my opinion, picking up the phone to actually talk to external contacts is much more beneficial than the old email default.

Also, being the founder, director, developer, accountant, ..., of a small one-man consulting business, things are much more easy. I have no colleagues to persuade and I can use the phone as default, simply my choice.

I am looking forward to continue lurking around here and perhaps also contribute something.

Kind regards,

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Our startup got rid of email, meetings, and managers — and thrived

"In our way of seeing the world, an adult does not need to be managed. We are all grown up. So we give total autonomy to our team members and delegate them responsibility. We measure their performance exclusively by results."

"(...) Thanks to our increased productivity, we’ve been able to move to a schedule of working only four days a week. That’s only possible because we eliminated email as a way of communication, recognizing that meetings with the technology team are not necessary, and understood that each individual we work with should be 100 percent independent, autonomous, and responsible for the work delegated to them."

HT +Daniel Durrant​​

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Nice article about the sense and non-sense of email.

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I promised to share my experience with my weekly #NoEmailDay. Some reflections on my personal journey towards more productivity with less email. Putting in some 'rebel'  power.

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Getting Started With #NoEmail (Part 2): “Unsubscribe”

Latest instalment from my Top Ten Tips | wegonow #blog

happy to join the group. I try to help folks understand the different realities between email and social. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes, well, am not sure :) I work in the L&D domain trying to promote social learning too and collaborative leadership an technologies as well, and clarifying the connection between the two.   

Interesting read about some of the psychology behind email usage:

Welcome to the Life Without eMail Community!

It's been a little while since I last shared a short Welcome to the #noemail community message over here and since just recently we have been having a few other folks joining us, I thought it would be a good opportunity to drop by quickly and share a warm welcome to you all.

Welcome everyone! Specially, those folks who I have met earlier on today, in Lille, France, while we had an amazing day discussing how to embark on the #noemail journey in favour of more open, collaborative and, overall, social tools. It was a blast and what perfect timing to keep celebrating #WOLWeek than kicking off that personal transformation journey of breaking free from the email yoke and start working smarter, not necessarily harder.

Thanks ever so much everyone for joining us today in Lille, and welcome to the online conversations on #noemail in this wonderful community. You all ROCK! :-D

PS. Remember we have got a category in this community about "Who Am I?" where we are encouraging everyone to share with us a short introduction of who they are, what they do, and how far they have gone in their #noemail journey. Welcome everyone and really excited to see you all joining us!

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