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Joachim Stroh

Discussion  - 
Leaving this tasty bit here for your reading pleasure. What is it with "kitchen"?

via H/N
Finally, statistical proof that bosses write the darndest emails.
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Whoahhh! Fascinating read, indeed, +Joachim Stroh ! Many thanks for sharing it along! Quite telling how bad business comms. can well be and not just by employees, but also their managers. Reminds me of a recent conversation I had with +Phil Simon > as part of our #noemail vodcasting series where we talked about not just how broken email is, but also biz communications in general and that article around Enron's email practices seems to pretty much nail it for me to confirm such bad behaviours / habits.

Interestingly enough, I suspect the tidbit about the kitchen is more related to email exchanges where females were part of the conversation without being in the conversation, if you know what I mean. Too bad the research didn't focus on that, because I figure it'd have detailed how badly broken the hierarchy was in terms of embracing diversity and female leaders. Oh well, maybe for a follow-up piece of research ... heh

Thanks again for sharing it along, Joachim! Way cool!
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Peter Jansson

Who Am I?  - 
Hej everyone.

I have been lurking around here for a while but have now decided to introduce my email situation. My profile serves as an introduction of myself.

Working as a researcher in academia in Sweden, I am part of a culture that is centered around email. Communication both in-house and with external people is per default via email. In this sense, I see myself as a rebel since I am trying to persuade all around me to avoid using that default behavior. After all, a social platform developed in-house that contains blogs, forums, document handling and more is available. So, besides picking up the phone to talk to people, I try to get in-house people to use that platform by default instead of using email by default. It is not easy but I think that more and more colleagues are catching on. In my opinion, picking up the phone to actually talk to external contacts is much more beneficial than the old email default.

Also, being the founder, director, developer, accountant, ..., of a small one-man consulting business, things are much more easy. I have no colleagues to persuade and I can use the phone as default, simply my choice.

I am looking forward to continue lurking around here and perhaps also contribute something.

Kind regards,
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Further to what Luis said, see if you can take it even further and extend the social platform you have (or build) to clients - begin a conversation outside of email and continue it on the platform asynchronously.
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Rotana Ty

Discussion  - 
Our startup got rid of email, meetings, and managers — and thrived

"In our way of seeing the world, an adult does not need to be managed. We are all grown up. So we give total autonomy to our team members and delegate them responsibility. We measure their performance exclusively by results."

"(...) Thanks to our increased productivity, we’ve been able to move to a schedule of working only four days a week. That’s only possible because we eliminated email as a way of communication, recognizing that meetings with the technology team are not necessary, and understood that each individual we work with should be 100 percent independent, autonomous, and responsible for the work delegated to them."

HT +Daniel Durrant​​
Our company has just turned eight years old, has a presence in all of Latin America, and currently has 36 members on its team. Our biggest obsession: productivity.
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"I'm in favor of reducing the 3Ms." <smile> +Daniel Durrant 

"I've begun to pick up Slack, too. Wonderful platform."

Looking forward to hearing more!
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I promised to share my experience with my weekly #NoEmailDay. Some reflections on my personal journey towards more productivity with less email. Putting in some 'rebel'  power.
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hehe I knew you would, Margot. We all do! It's a narrative that, when used correctly, works much better in portraying an image of a desired state than otherwise. I have been using it myself for years now and the results have been wonderful so far! :) Thanks again for sharing that lovely read and your inspiring #noemail journey and also for the kind mention in the article :)
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Nakad Ralph

Who Am I?  - 
happy to join the group. I try to help folks understand the different realities between email and social. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes, well, am not sure :) I work in the L&D domain trying to promote social learning too and collaborative leadership an technologies as well, and clarifying the connection between the two.   
Luis Suarez's profile photo
And right after I posted the comment shared above, +Nakad Ralph I bumped into this link > which may well have been the same one that prompted your reflection about Google Plus and its upcoming demise. Well, perhaps not likely. At least, if I read this article correctly > and, specially, this particular quote:

'[...] We think changes like these will lead to a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+.'

So it looks like we will still have Google Plus for a while, just with a different focus. Time will tell, my friend, but we will be hanging out there tight for the time being till we see how things develop further :-D
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About this community

Hello and welcome to the "Life Without eMail" community! This is an online space for those people who may be interested in figuring out together how to live a corporate work life without email by embracing social networking tools to encourage open knowledge sharing and collaboration across the board. Originally started off by Luis Suarez in February 2008, "A World Without eMail" aims at helping knowledge workers break free from the email yoke by allowing knowledge and information flow freely through social networks and communities. It's not meant to be an online space to declare "email is dead", but more to inspire new, more productive, efficient, and effective ways of working by relying on adapting to a new mindset and a new set of habits around open knowledge sharing. This is also an online community for those people interested in not only starting their own journeys of #lawwe (Living A World Without eMail), but also to share experiences, knowhow, practical hints & tips and the methodology to start reducing your Inbox clutter. In terms of Community Guidelines, not many at the moment, since we all know how to behave properly online, although perhaps the most important one to date that we will start with: be nice to each other and respect each other's thoughts and opinions with intelligent, smart dialogue where we will all learn throughout this journey of a "Live Without eMail".
After more than a year of explaining Slack is more than just chat, I wrote it up -

I figured this was a good place to share this as well, as it puts the focus on the shift from email.
During the last couple of years, since Slack has been publicly available, it has taken off like wildfire. To many it is "just a chat service", which gets derided and belittled like most chat services do. This is until they find that chat has not only a place in organizations it has lasting value in organizations, proven out over the last 5 to 8 years (if not longer). Slack, much like prior chat services, do really well in organizations...
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Here to help, Phil: DMS - Document Management System, CMS - Content Management System (more Web content), DAM - Digital Asset Management. 

It occurred to me that Slack could be an ideal gateway towards #lawwe #wol #change .. and more autonomous groups and generative activities acting at the boundary of command and control (see above image). 
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Nice article about the sense and non-sense of email.
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If you only have a hammer, then you'll think that everything is a nail. It's a key point in Message Not Received: Why Business Communication Is Broken and How to Fix It.
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Getting Started With #NoEmail (Part 2): “Unsubscribe”

Latest instalment from my Top Ten Tips | wegonow #blog

In this series I explore my Top Ten Tips to slay the email beast, unpacking some of the methods I've used to reduce my email use by over 50% in the last four months and create stacks of time to do ...
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Peter Jansson

Hints & Tips  - 
Interesting read about some of the psychology behind email usage:
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