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Name: Batman
Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Bio: Joe Chill murders Thomas and Martha Wayne
As a young child, Bruce Wayne watched his parents murdered before his eyes. Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking home from the Monarch Theater one night with their son, when they were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded the pearl necklace that Martha was wearing. When Dr Wayne refused to surrender it, both he and Martha were shot dead in the streets The killer was a criminal known as Joe Chill Fortunately physician and social worker Leslie Tompkins was making a house call that night, and arrived to give loving comfort to the traumatised Bruce He was then raised on the Wayne Manor estate, with help from the wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce had very few friends during his childhood
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Gadgets: Batarang,Batclaw,Glue Gun, Freeze Blast Grenade,Line Launcher,Remote Batarang,Smoke Pellet,Disruptor,Sonic Batarang,Cryptographic Sequencer,Freeze Cluster,Remote Electrical Charge,Voice Synthesizer]
Home City: Gotham
Sexuality: Straight
6' 2"]
210 lbs (95 kg)
Hair Black]
Skills: Martial Arts,Boxing,Intelligent,
Quotes: "I am The night I am vengence I am Batman"
Theme Song:


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Quotes: "I miss many things from my past, I'll probably never get them back or see any of my old friends back, my old life is gone. Gotta eat to live and gotta steal to eat"
Name: Youna Honda (BluJay)
Nickname: Blue Bird, YoHo
Age: 24
Gender: female
Species: human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 118"
Ability's: parkour, close combat fighting, using gadgets, acrobatic skills, thievery
Weapons: her fists, stolen gadgets from both heroes and villains
Personality: sly,
Mentor: life, herself, later Batman and the others in the Bat Family
History: "I grew up on the run until my family, my mom, dad and I, joined Haly's Circus. I was scared at first, then I met a friend, a boy slightly older than me, Dick Grayson. I called him Dig for short, Di from Dick and G from his last name. He taught me how to walk on the tightrope, we even performed a few times together, but watching him perform with his parents was always amazing to see, I even had a crush on him. I was so excited for our performance in Gotham, but that never happened. . . . my parents woke me up and we left the circus. . . . I never got a chance to say good bye. I cried as we left, I kept asking questions, nosily, my parents told me to be quiet. . . . I didn't listen, next thing I know, my parents are dead, I'm all alone. . . the killers left me alone,they said they only wanted my parents and I'm alive to say thanks for my noise leading them. The cops showed up, asked me questions, I got scared, I ran. I never looked back. Years later I'm still in Gotham, living in a crummy apartment in the shitty part of Gotham. I work in a cafe and a place I'd rather not mention. I also steal as my counterpart, BluJay, I've been confronted by what Gotham calls the BatFamily many times. Mostly Nightwing, he for some reason hunts me down the most, he seems familiar to me, I don't know why. But I hope my life will get better soon."
Other: she has a secret job asaide from "BluJay" that she hates but t gives her the money she needs for food and her apartment
Sexuality: bi
Crush: (younger) Dick Grayson and Robin, (older) Nightwing
Powers: none, she's human
Likes: creating clothes, singing, play guitar, and having fun
Dislikes: thinking about my past, being alone
Family: "My parents and the members of Haly's Circus"
Comes from: "None of your business"
Status: bottom of the barrel and thief
Friends: "I had friends once, but I'm alone now"
Weakness: "Sweets"
Child of: Mr and Mrs Honda
Fears: spiders, falling, being alone forever, total darkness
Hobbies: creating clothes, cooking, and stealing as well as singing and playing guitar 
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(1) You are the leader of the second most ruthless and viscous Gang in Gotham. Alex is the leader of the number 1 ruthless and viscous Gang ok Gotham. And that made you mad that you aren't number one. You've seen Alex once or twice around town. You've heard that he's been Arkham for the past month and that he's being released today. He'll be brought back to his home by the people at Arkham. He'll be unguarded and quite frankly vulnerable without any weapons or his fellow gang members.
Perfect time to grab him. You and you're gang wait at the road coming out of Arkham for the SUV that's holding Alex. Your gang stopped the car and grabbed Alex. And let's just say he didn't go down without a fight, putting three of your guys in the hospital for at least a week and killing another two. He was rendered unconscious and you took him to one of your remote hideouts and locked him in a room, filled with whatever you want just tell me, tied to a chair. When he woke up...(you?)

(2) You're a corrupt cop and you're on Alex's payroll. And he pays pretty decent definitely more than what you get for your services. In exchange you keep him out jail and as a bonus he keeps the gang away from you, so they won't kill you and all.
Anyways... You thought that Alex was cute and you had a crush on him but of course you'd never say anything because well he's a ruthless gangster and you're just a corrupt cop in Gotham. Well one night Alex gets caught and brought in for questioning. It's night and most of the cops are at home. You get assigned to Watch Alex as all the rest of the cops go to a hostage situation on the other side of Gotham. But of course Alex didn't know that they're literally the only ones in the whole building and he's chained up in the interrogation room. You go and turn off the cameras and microphones in the interrogation room that Alex is being held in. You than go in the room and see that he's leaning against the wall already with the handcuffs off and he's dangling them from his fingers. He looks at you "How long do I have to wait for you to get me out of here?" He asks and it always surprises you how corporative he is when he's in the police station and only there. Like he knows exactly how to act to seem not guilty. You lock the door and walk over to him putting the cuffs back on him. He sighed but let you. (Than you?)

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"Of all things I hope for… I hope for World Peace… so one day my kids can live without fear of war… and so one day I can hang by Rifle over the Fireplace…"

Jack McGuire Benjamin



100% Asian


5 foot 7 inches
Tan Skin
Jet Black Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Ranger Tattoo on left arm

Cautious, Serious, Calm Under Pressure, Loyal, Friendly, Caring, Respectful, Charismatic, Loving


Seoul, South Korea

The United States of America
US Armed Forces


Colt M4 Carbine [As shown in image]
USP .45 [As shown in image]
Combat Knife


Relationships & Family
Kira Taylor Benjamin [Wife] <STATUS> Alive
John Benjamin [Son] <STATUS> Alive

Exceptional Aim w/ Rifles and Handguns
Making Makeshift Gear
Fixing things


[Early Life]
Jack was born in Seoul South Korea and lived there with a foster family for 5 months… he was adopted from birth, and he was transferred to the USA for a better life… his adoptive family were Caucasian Americans… He was the first of 4 children…

[High School Life]
Jack attended East Chapel Hill High School which was near where he lived… During his first few days in High School Orchestra, he met a girl named Kira Taylor… she was a Extraordinarily talented Violinist… They began to bond together over many topics they discussed, like Anime, Manga, Star Wars and Guns… However everything would change for the two after Jack enlists in the US Army after High School… they didn't see each other for a few years… they stayed in contact however

[Mid-Military Career]
Jack became an exceptional NCO [Non-Commissioned Officer] in the US Army, and resigned on many honorable mentions… he was soon reunited with Kira, and they got married… However his Military career wasn't over… he signed up for the Ranger's… it was a very slim chance he thought… but because of his heroic actions in Iraq as a Infantry man, he was selected to join the Ranger Program. After his long run through Ranger BT [Basic Training] and proving he was a good team leader and teammate, he was assigned to the 75th Ranger Division… Finally when the United States prepared to go and destroy a terrorist group… the Terrorist Leader came out of hiding… they prepared to go and eliminate him… they succeeded… with no deaths or collateral damage of civilians… in and out… quietly… and everything began to collapse for the Terrorist Organization…

[Delta Force]
After a successful six tours of duty, Jack was recommended by Colonel Robert Nelly of the 75th Ranger Regiment, for acceptance into the Army's elite Tier 1 Special Operations Unit. Delta Force. Jack had made it through the rigorous training that was required of one worthy to become a member of the Delta Force Circle, and he was accepted in after being promoted to Major for previous actions in the Middle East.

[Current Life]
Jack and his wife currently live in Gotham City, he however has been keeping an eye on the News, just in case there is a potential of being Deployed again… But he also worries of the crime in Gotham, which he has no control over. All he wishes is to help stop it, but he needed to get Federal and State Government Orders to assist local law enforcement.
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Hi guys that's my first role play ever can you teach me what I must do

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Name: hunter sigal
Nickname: deathgun
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Skills: marksmanship, stealth, killing, hunting
Weapons: techno assault rifle, techno sniper rifle, techno pistol, future katana, future combat knife
Powers: cloaking invisibility, thermal vision , wall running , body temperature control
Gadgets: techno power suit, futuristic motorcycle
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Joker was sat on the roof waiting for you to arrive when u......

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Name: slade wilson
Nickname: Deathstroke
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Skills: marksmanship, stealth, parkamore, explosive exp. Hand to hand combat, swordsmanship
Weapons: riffles, submachine guns, explosives, swords, pistols
Gadgets: body armor
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Bane was wrestling a bull with a large crowd watching. Surrender, you horned prime rib! Bane yelled at the bull. As he is wrestling, a squad of gang members walk onto the ring and shoot the bull. Alright, this is a robbery! Give us your money, jewelry, or whatever you have that's worth something, and give it to he men with sacks. he said, looking around. Oi, I was wrestling that bull! Bane shouts at him. do you want me to shoot you, too? The man asks, pointing a gun at Bane. What do you do? (ask to join.)

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Name : Damian Wayne
Nickname : robin
Gender : male
Sexuality : straight
Skills : fightning,agility,running,dodging
Weapons : sword,battarangs,grappling gun,smoke pallet
Powers : none
Hometown : gotham city
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