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Welcome to Anime Roleplay! Here's a few of the ground rules!

~Always be respectful of fellow role players, and especially the moderators and owners!
~Follow the rules!
~Please, no spam! I promise, you will not die or anything if you don't repost. If you are still worried, I'll give you an Immunity Natsu.
~Do not control other people's characters! (Example: I walked around the school, and then you came up to me and said hi) Do not god mod and stuff, too!
~I cannot say this enough. Please do not advertise other communities on here unless you have permission from a mod/owner.
~Do not simply butt in on RPs. Ask beforehand, okay?
~Closed RPs are closed RPs! Do not comment on them unless you're: A) Stalking it because it's a couple you ship, or B) The person to whom the RP is closed to.
~Follow the profile format and be descriptive in your role playing! I want to see you grow and stuff, going from one-liners to freaking paragraphs.
~Cursing is allowed, but please mark the post with PG13 if it contains it.
~No hentai/smut/yaoi/lemon posts! You may have suggestive material, but not the total frick frack, got it?
~If you are constantly asking for like, a relationship for your character, just don't. It only makes matters worse. Make relationships with the characters of people you know and stuff, okay?
~Post everything in the right category!
~You may create clubs, but only with permission from from the mods/owners. The club can only form if they have more than four members.
~Student Council positions will be voted on once we get more members.
~The Schools, Hinode Cafe, and MgRonald's tabs are for posts that don't relate to roleplays but for just some random stuff (I'll specify later).
~Your profile MUST be approved before you roleplay.
~You can have up to six characters!
~I believe that's it!

The Setting

Basically, this is just some random city. It has a grade school (elementary), a junior high, a high school, and a college. There is also two places for those of you who have characters with jobs. There's no exact time or year here, really.

Hatano Grade School

This school is basically an elementary school. The uniform is white and light blue, since the mascot is a dove. It's not a very big school, but it has an adjoining park and stuff.

Torano Junior High

Middle school, duh. The uniform is orange and black, the mascot is a tiger, and stuff. Has several gyms, blah blah blah.

Akai Kage High School

High school boarding school. The campus is huge. The uniform is red and black, and the mascot is a raven with red feathers among its black ones.

Ameki College

College. You know. Doesn't have a uniform, and it's mascot is a dolphin. The campus is even bigger than Akai Kage's. Stuff.

Hinode Cafe

This is a restaurant that cosplayed for one thing for a week, then changes it. It is in need of everything, like a manager and stuff.


YES I STOLE THIS FROM THE DEVIL IS A PART TIMER It's basically McDonald's, and really needs some workers.

Loud Speaker

The things posted in this category are announcements and MUST be read.


Ummmmmmm... Yeah, I'll think of rules later.

And, I think that's it! Arigatou~

I am so sorry, dearies!
Wow, why am I the only owner? I'm pretty sure there was another one...
Whatever. Anyways, I'm sorry for abandoning this community— Inari-sama, I feel so terrible! But it's not really bad, after all, this is a pretty inactive community...
Just... Welcome to all you new members (if any), and have fun!

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[]Name[] Iridian

[[]Age[] 17

[]Gender[] Male

[]Race[] Angel of Death/unknown yet

[]Appearence[] pictures

[]Personality[] quiet, usually really nice but if you piss him off he can be very dark, impatient, short temper

[]Likes[] snakes, anime, his pet snake Nala, nice people, books, flying

[]Dislikes[] preppy girls, bullies, bad people

[]Bio (Optional)[] He saves a girl named Hana and after a while he ends up hiding his angel wings to stay with her. He had a terrible past and childhood. This evil thing had been using his body and powers to murder people and wreak havoc. After a time of having his wings hidden his memories faded. Every time the evil thing possesses him he loses his memory. He eventually gets into a school for "gifted" kids. It's a school for people with powers along with Hana. He thought he could fly and they send him in. While there each time a class goes down to a mine with precious stones to explore there is always a report of kids dying. It's him but no one knows it's really him. When he gets upset it takes over. The headmaster after iridian attempts to kill him becomes a father figure and tries to help him through when during the fight all of his memories and powers flood back to him at once.

[]Extra info[] he has a pet snake named Nala. he has frequent nightmares about his past.
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Name: "My name? It's pretty simple, Anku. Don't forget it, please."

Age: "18, don't tell me I'm old please."

Gender: "Are you blind or something? I'm obviously a male. Actually, to tell you the truth, I'm gay."

Attending: " Ameki College, god I hate college."

Grade: " Whatever grade it is, but it doesn't really matter, since picking up a book is pretty stupid."

Job:" Not like I even have any time to get a job. Nah, to be honest, I'm just incredibly lazy to get one. It's just way too much work and it tires me out."

Species: 100% human.


-Hair: "I know it looks strange, but I was born with it, I'm not even kidding. What's wrong with pink? Doesn't it look good on me? Right? Say yes please." Despite the picture, it's actually a light shade of pink.

-Eyes: "My eyes normally get covered by my hair anyways, there  is no reason for you to know it. But if you insist.....fine." Just a normal color, black.

-Clothes: "I already gave you a picture, you should probably just look at it and not ask me." 

-Body: "I don't really wanna talk about it, just look at me." Anku is very skinny, and a little tall. His body is incredibly weak, and it looks as he isn't proud of it, naturally.
-Skin: "I have really, really pale skin. I used to be teased because of that, sigh."

Biography: "I'm just a normal dude. Well, not really. Ever since I was born, I have been physically weak. I can't do a lot of things, and I hate sports. I can't even ride a bike, it just isn't my thing."

Personality: "Look, my personality is a little unique. At sometimes, I like to be talkative. Sometimes, I'm really quiet. And at home, I'm a little depressed. No, no, I'm not bi-polar. Haha, you don't have to call me that. I am attracted to men, and I am gay, but I'm not really girly at all."

Strengths: The only strength he has is to be able to sing. It may not seem like a lot, but Anku can sing songs to support other people. 

Weaknesses: Anku's body is weak. He is incredibly vulnerable to other people. One punch can easily knock him out. He also runs incredibly slowly, and will collapse if he over-exerts his body. He can't use weapons, or magic, so if he is alone, he is useless. He needs to have someone with him to support him. So basically, most people can easily kill him.

Likes: "Despite my looks, I actually like to tap dance, and singing. I also have an obsession with candy, I'm sure you've had it before right? That sweet, delicious flavor, it's amazing. I also like men. I have a pet cat, he is so cute."

Dislikes: "I hate birds, they are so creepy. I'm also not a big fan of dogs, they bark like crazy. I hate insects, a lot. Including butterflies, those are scary too. And...ew, sports."

From what fandom?: Anku is just a random normal dude.

Canon or non-canon?: " Uhm.... What do you mean by that? "

Abilities: "Using my power to sing, I can buff other people's statistics and make them more powerful. I can buff other people's running speed, strength, defense, agility, etc. I can also heal people, but I can only use that twice per day, that really sucks. If only I could buff myself though, that would make me way more useful, don't you think so too?"

Clubs: "A club? Oh I love those! Just that... I am not in one."

Friends: "Oooohh, I have friends! It's just that...I don't have a best friend, because no one likes me that much... :c"

Relationship: "This is kinda secretive, but I guess I have to say it anyway, I'm pretty much forced to right now as you're putting a knife to my throat right now. Seriously, stop it. I have a guy that I like, but I don't have the courage to talk to him, I'm pretty sure he isn't gay, and he likes someone else more. Sigh, maybe sometime, someone perfect for me will come up. Oh, I wish."


who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

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"Oh no... My fingers slipped..."

"Big Brother... Can you stay with me please? The shadows are scaring me."

"What? What happened? Where's Papa? And why are my hands covered in this red stuff?"


This character's name is Voski, which means "gold" in Armenian. His last name is Kasabian, which is also of Armenian origin, and means "butcher."
Voski is a nine year old kid with the maturity of an eighteen year old.
Voski is obviously a boy, although his name can be used for a girl as well as a boy.
Voski says he is too young to be thinking of such things. Of course he's too young! Although sometimes he does consider it.
Voski is Armenian, but he prefers to be called Middle Eastern.
Voski is an Advanced Human, which means he is a human who somehow acquired inhuman powers.
He is a third grader at Hatano Grade School.
This little boy is currently attempting to find out who his father's murderer is. I don't believe he will be very successful.
His current status is running amok around the States, looking for leads on his father's murder.
He isn't really much of a fighter; he supports people from behind the scenes, and therefore has the ability of increases their strength and odds of winning fights. So basically, he can be called a supporter. Not really noticed, but there nonetheless.
Voski's life began a few years after his brother's life began. He and his older brother were very close indeed. He never knew his mother, since she walked out after he was born. His father and his brother never blamed Voski, though they had every right to. He loved his family, even though it seemed small and broken. He was always scared of the dark, and couldn't stand it when he slept with the light on, because he was also fearful of the shadows. The only way he could sleep was if his older brother was beside him. Thus, Voski became very attached to his brother and never wanted to leave him alone. It also explains why he totally broke down when his big brother suddenly disappeared with no trace.
When he was eight years old, something weird happened. He had blanked out for a month, and when he finally came to his senses, his hands were covered in blood and his house's living room was littered with stinking corpses. You can guess that he was definitely traumatized by that, especially when he saw his beloved father at his feet, his eyes gouged out. Voski escaped from that house, vowing to find the killer. He knew, even at that age, that he couldn't go to the authorities. He would had to find the murderer himself.


Voski's personality had suffered after that traumatizing event. But before, he was a cute little kid who was always making mistakes and apologizing incessantly after making them. He used to be the type of kid that usually kept to himself, but opened up around close friends and family. His only friend, though, was his older brother, and he was extremely clingy. He doesn't like it when people ignore him, though, and likes to be noticed, but not too noticed. He's extremely picky and particular about the most trivial of things, especially about the arranging of supplies in his backpack and duffel bag. He rarely smiles, especially after his brother left. His expression is often blank, and the look in his eyes is dead. You could say that the little boy had forgotten how to feel. He became emotionless after that scarring event.
Voski, unfortunately, is color blind and deaf in his right ear. He also extremely slow when it comes to understanding things, mostly because he only has one ear to hear out of, but also because he really isn't good at understanding you if you don't repeat it to him at least three times. This isn't due to any disorder; it's just Voski being Voski.
%M%E%N%T%A%L% %D%I%S%O%R%D%E%R%S%
Voski has Misophonia, which is a disorder regarding sound. Certain sounds will trigger certain emotions. In most cases, these emotions are negative. However, it is different for Voski. If he hears screaming, an extreme feeling of joy will be triggered. If he hears laughter, digust will be triggered. And finally, if he hears glass breaking, annoyance will be triggered.
Voski has many habits, most of them being bad ones. The habit that shows itself the most is the one where Voski licks the fingers on his right hand. The reason and origin for this are unknown, but many suspect the source is how his hands were covered in blood during the incident, and how he licked the blood off of them. He also tends to run his hands through his hair when he is really annoyed. When he gets nervous, Voski drums his fingers on his knees.
Skills? Hmm. Well, he doesn't have any special abilities, like powers or anything. However, he does have a unique skill. This is a skill that Voski had nurtured throughout his life. He is able to see what a person is capable and incapable of, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what their level of concentration is, just by looking at them. His eyes, although he is color blind, are his greatest weapon. He is also able to break a person's concentration, no matter how deep their focus is.
Voski is able to predict an opponent's movements after analyzing them, so he can dodge everything that is sent his way. He is agile and quick, and able to break a person's concentration with a snap of his fingers. Besides that, he's just another little weakling.
So, due to his half deafness, he's not exactly good at hearing directions and stuff. This also hinders him in his daily life. His disorder also gives him absolutely no control over his emotions, and he hates feeling like that. He has absolutely no physical strength as well, and he sucks at wielding weapons. He could be average with using daggers and knives, but nobody will let him buy any because of his age.
Voski likes... Hmmm.... His hobbies are... Huh. I don't think he does anything, really, besides things that keep him alive and attempting to find his father's killer. Oh, wait, I think he likes the taste of blood. That's pretty much it, I suppose...
Anything he doesn't like, duh. Mostly the fact that he has a disorder that doesn't allow him to control his emotions.
Voski's hair alternates between a sort of grayish brown color, and a silvery white color. You could describe the style as "bed-head", since it sticks out on the sides of his head in irregular spikes.
This little boy's eyes do not fit him. His eyes are a cold sort of blue, the hue fading and brightening in different parts of his iris. They seem almost dead; like the blank eyes of a doll or puppet, of something fake and inanimate.
His skin is like porcelain, so pale and so delicate. His features almost match the features of a girl, but make no mistake; he is one hundred percent male. The texture of his skin is smooth yet unusually fragile, as if the skin might break if you slap him.
Voski is unusually lightweight for someone of his age, especially at fifty-eight pounds, and this can be easily blamed on undernourishment. After all, he's attempting to survive on his own without any help.
He stands at four feet, seven inches. His height is somewhat normal, so it's not anything to worry about.
This little Armenian will wear anything he can get his hands on, which basically means his apparel consists of huge sweaters and basketball shorts that reach slightly below his knees.
As mentioned before, Voski is incompetent with weapons. He is prone to drop them or accidentally throw them, injuring himself or people he doesn't intend to injure. Nobody will even let him buy any weapons, so he can't even train with them to become better at wielding them.


Voski is a character of my own making, and he does not belong to any book or TV series.
His theme song is most likely Dead! by My Chemical Romance.
He isn't interested in gaining allies, and therefore doesn't care in associating with anyone.
He has only one enemy (or so he thinks), and that is his father's killer.
His father; Deceased. His brother; Deceased? Missing? ?????
For the last time, he prefers not to associate with anyone. No one. Zilch. Nada. Bleh.
%R%O%M%A%N%T%I%C% %I%N%T%E%R%E%S%T%S%
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*akai kage high school
First character

Name: Altan (last name unknown)

Age: 16

Gender: male

Attending: Atai high school

Grade: (whatever grade is normal for a 16 year old)

Job: part-time at Cafe

Species: mostly human, has traces of devil and Angel blood

Appearance (picture optional)
-hair: black
-eyes: one dark blue, one light blue
-clothes: black hoodie, black pants, black/white striped shirt. Fairy Tail mark is on left shoulder

Altan, at the age of four, was kidnapped by a group of Zeref worshipers. His parents were then killed in front of his eyes, and was taken to an island similar to the one which the tower of heaven was created. However, this cult failed terribly, and took out their frustration on the slaves. Reacting in anger, Altan used his magic and killed every human on the island. After realizing he had killed at least a hundred people, he fell to the ground, sobbing. Eventually, he made a boat and left the island. He made it to Fairy Tail a few years after, and has been there ever since. However, his magic power has been low, and he learned to fight with weapons.

Personality: Altan is antisocial, and doesn't have any friends. He keeps his grades up, and is an intelligent young man. He is constantly frustrated at the level of his magic power, and the fact that because of it, no one but the master believes that he killed over a hundred people.

Strengths: he has good darkvision, and is proficient with most kinds of weaponry. He can use magic, but cannot unlock his true potential.

Weaknesses: due to his being antisocial, he doesn't have any friends. This leads to him being constantly lonely, and feeling unwanted. He is also emotionally unstable, due to the same reasons.

Likes: darkness, challenges, reading, playing soccer. Also loves to eat olives.

Dislikes: people, because he can never come up with the right thing to say. Also pickles.

From what fandom: irl fairy tail

Canon/non-canon: Altan isn't a real anime character

Abilities: is proficient with most kinds of weaponry, can use magic.

Clubs: wants to be in soccer club, but too nervous to ask.

Friends: non

Relationships: non

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I was sitting alone at akai kage high school, with my head on the desk. I was asleep, and the dismissal bell rang. I didn't wake up, so you...
((Open roleplay, plz ask before joining. I don't really have a limit this is just to notify me and anyone else that someone will be joining. Anyone already on it can let people join))
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