Problems with WebEx Recordings on the Webcast & Video Portal

Due to a mistake in the configuration before go-live of the Webcast & Video Portal, two weeks of WebEx recordings got uploaded to the Kaltura portal.

This currently causes a queue in the conversion engine and therefore, the WebEx recordings are being processed for days.

The portal project team is working with Kaltura to increase processing power to fix this issue.

The good news is, that we where cautious and configured the Kaltura-WebEx connector to only copy the recordings instead of moving it until we are sure that everything works as expected...

Therefore, if the user needs the recording immediately, they can still access it on the WebEx server, by going to 'My WebEx/My Files/My Recordings'

We hope that the processing will be back to normal soon.

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I have a Roche user in Basel who doesn't have a WebEx account. How do we have one created for her?

Convert the Webex video

Hi everyone,

A user is trying to convert from ARF to MP4 the recorded video from Webex. He has downloaded the WebEx Recording Editor, which is a tool I have never heard of before.
My question is, is supported the use of this kind of tools?
Does Webex have a pack of tools that are included in the support? I wasn't able to find any info regarding this.

Thanks for your time.

Hello team, if we get requests to export and import users into webex please forward the request to to have her process this for us.

Can anyone let me know how long the recordings are available in

Question about Webex recordings

Hi everyone.
So, we receive some tickets about users complaining that they cannot see the recording of the Webex meetings they start. In the latest case, I saw that the user was the alternate host. So I am guessing... maybe alternate hosts can make recordings but only the Host will be able to check the recording in his "My recording" list? Is this a known/expected behavior?

If so, it would be a great idea to make some announcement so users know that in case they are not the host, their recording wont be accessible by them, only the original Host. This way people would start using it properly.
Maybe even a KM would help.`

But still, I am not sure if this is a known issue or an expected behavior. So I'm just asking.

Kind regards.

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Hello Everyone,

Recently, a customer has received the attached e-mail indicating the prices about the cost of Webex Service for a WebEx meeting with over 200 users,

In that communication, it is not indicated how this charge is done so they are asking: "Is it automatically charged to the Roche cost center or does she need to raise a Purchase order?"

Can you help me about how to approach this case?

Thank you very much,

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Hi all,

So a user is wondering why the "Phone calls" feature is disabled in the Hangouts chat in Gmail.
+Kevin Chavaree Do we know if this is intended? Is it disabled by choice or is it a bug?
I have checked that none of us can use it apparently.
+Richard Friedland Does the task for know about this?


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I noticed Hangouts now have a new "Unread Messages indicator" a customer complained that this disappeared sometimes before reading messages.

Has anyone had similar issues with this unread messages indicator? I assume google is trying to figure out if messages are read in other areas; iOS app, email client, a popup notification, etc...

I also saw no announcement by Google saying it added this. But I did find this in search.


+Kevin Chavaree +Matthias Dannenberger

Hello All,

I've a request to create a new participant code for some existing meetings. The requestor indicates that an employee has left the business, but continues to join WebEx events and is a threat to their marketing plan. They indicate the problem is urgent. Can anything be done here, or will the events need to be re-created?
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