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We are at the fore front of retail in the heart of Asia. We live and breath this pulse that you may have read about. We love to share our insights from our experiences on the ground. Ask us a question or share your thoughts.

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From Runway to Hong Kong

Former Spice Girl is opening of her brand's first brick-and-mortar store in Asia.

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Silent Exit for Harley Davidson in Indonesia

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David took down Goliath

IKEA maybe taking down its brand signage after losing a legal battle to uphold its trademark in Indonesia. Intellectual Property (IP) can be a mine field in some legal jurisdictions. Maintain your trademarks well to protect your brand.

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State of E-Commerce in Malaysia

E-Commerce in Malaysia is largely dominated by local e-marketplaces and cross border purchases from the US, Europe and China. It is a competitive landscape with new players entering the market.

iPay88, a Malaysian based payment gateway that supports more than 60 percent of local e-commerce businesses, recently reported a 100 percent increase in transactions over 2015.

Most observers acknowledge that the e-commerce scene is still in its infancy as government statistics show less than 5% of businesses have embraced e-commerce.

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Mobile Usage Patterns in SEA

Here are some numbers to get a quick idea about mobile usage patterns in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. It is no surprise that 92.4% of Facebook users in Indonesia access the platform through the mobile - the highest in the world.

Most South East Asian countries have implemented 3G networks. Today, millions of people here have access to the Internet at a comfortable speed. This has given rise to a wide adoption of mobile applications into the daily life of the consumer.

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Rakuten to Exit South East Asia

Rakuten, Japanese e-commerce and Internet company, founded in 1997, runs the largest e-commerce platform in Japan with more than 75 million shoppers.

In a surprise announcement today, the company is set to close its e-marketplace operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The e-marketplace will be fully operational for all shopping transactions until 29 February 2016.

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Apple to Open Official Store in Singapore

For years, Apple has focused its attention on China. To date, the company has 29 stores across China, 4 stores in Hong Kong, and none is South East Asia. Singapore will be its first in Asia, outside of China.

This is seen as a vote of confidence for the city state, as the retail market continues to be soft from the effects of the global downturn.

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Luxury Going Digital

In August last year, Macy's was the first U.S. department store to open an online flagship store in Alibaba's Tmall. Macy's Inc, is one of America's most iconic fashion retailers and the largest department store by retail sales.

Macy’s has no bricks-and-mortar stores in China. The company said it had no plans to build any, but this “may be considered in the future based on the company’s experience in its e-commerce pilot.”

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No Silver Lining In Sight

Amid China's economic slowdown, major luxury brands are reporting low or negative sales growth last year. From fashion to cognac, the elites are spending discreetly, shying away from the anti corruption campaign still raging in the highest circles.

The practise of Daigou, where Chinese tourists buy luxury products abroad in bulk, to avoid the high tariffs at home, is facing a clam down with stricter customs border compliance. The recent stock market melt down last month, is another indication that the year has started with a soft note.

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