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Hello, I am a servant of Jesus preaching the Gospel through the internet :) 

I send this message to people who love Lord, Jesus. 
Please come and watch this video that Jesus is testifying through people preaching the Gospel. 
The Whole World is trmebling at the strange sounds. (Please click this link to watch the video below) 
This video(Youtube) has been translated into English and Chinese lately 
and spreading all over the world now. 
Watch and listen to the trumpet sound of the Gospel of God through the sign of heaven. 


*You will know soon the content of this video is so precious 

because it's all about the Gospel of Kingdom that Jesus personally testifies. 

If you are touched by this, please leave comment on youtube(The Whole World is trmebling at the strange sounds.

and share this video with other people in order that the gospel of kingdom will be proclaimed 

throughout the world as a testimony to all nations.(MT24:14)
Email address:


*Visit and click 'like' the facebook page:

* If you don't like this message or if you uploaded many videos so received the same messages more than twice,

I apologize. Please understand and message me that you don't want to receive it.  

Then I will not send you message anymore:) Thank you and God bless you! 


Jesus enclosed some very interesting texts without writing. Never penning - he compelled life to live as an an example in many aspects did what most would never be able to do.

He did the most exemplary act in giving up his life for the sake of others so that all would be seen. This was his way of getting the sheep from all the other flocks. John 10:16.
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