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Neurosurgeon Amelia Shepherd and her best Friend _____ are sitting at ____'s place talking about the week they had and failed relationships and how work is going.

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Name: Emmaly Renee Wilson
Nicknames: Emma, Em, Emmie, Emmy, Emmi, Ren, Charmander, Charizard (last two are Pokémon)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: lesbian
Relationship status: single
Family: Alex Karev - father; Josephine Wilson - Mother; Ashton Wilson - twin brother
Bio: TBA

Do any girls want to join a sibling roleplay and hangouts there's three people right now. I just need you to send me your character profile.

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We are all siblings living together in a big home. We live with out older brother Zaden. Our parents left us trusting that we could be on our own fine as long as we work together. We've been living together for sometime and we've all been along pretty well. Today it was morning and everyone was doing their usual morning routine
(we need 3 more sisters)
(This rp will be on hangouts)
(If you are interested in roleplaying this please send me your character profile so i can add you to the rp chat.We would be so happy to have you. thank you~)
1. Taken - me
2. Open
3. Open
5.Taken - +Crystal Young
Brother - +Zaden Kyo Takagi
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Name: Amelia Shepherd
Preferred name: Amelia
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 5
Age: 29
Job: neurosurgeon, neurologist, doctor, surgeon
Sexual Orientation: biromantic homosexual
Relationship status: single
Personality: nice, kind, loving, caring, nurturing, intelligent
Bio: Amelia is the youngest of five children. Her father was murdered when she was five. She has one brother and three sisters. Her mother is still alive. She is an attending surgeon at a teaching hospital.

Anybody free to roleplay?? I'm really bored and rp sounds fun to do right now.

rp more so guys

Ray was heartbroken... After his divorce, both of his nieces had broken all contact with him... And he had a secret to share with the oldest....
Something he'd felt for years, but dare not tell her...
Until now.

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Abby was walking around the mall a little out of sorts as she was very very tired and was very very pregnant she stopped in front of the baby store and went in to look around not really able to afford anything for her child and she stopped in front of the cribs smiling as she looked at a white wooden crib with blue all around it

((male employee needed))

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Background(Some): A small, 3 year old boy named Tuto, was left all alone out in the cold one day. Though he had his collar one, there was no name of the owner, parents, or even his own name on it. For a few days, the tiny boy wandered around his favourite place in the world to seek comfort, the park, until one day the local animal control caught him and took him in into their adoption center.

Plot: Tuto sat there in his small cage, which seemed like a prison to him. One of the workers came over to attempt to feed Tuto but he wouldn't eat. Tuto became more fragile by the day. His confinement has lasted for the past two years and he was close to age 5 yet no one knew his birthday but Tuto. He wouldn't speak to anyone or any of the other "pets" around him. He just wanted to go home...

~Descriptive/Literate rp~
~OC Rp~
~Message or comment if interested in plot~
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