I always use this on my phone, as I've got my 256GB card in it, so I didn't realize. This app is really nice on tablets. The UI scaling is really easy to mess up, but you've done it well.

Hello! I'm using this player for a long time. Love this app very much, but there is one thing that annoyed me is Album Art. If I open the folder with different songs it always uses first song's Album art in spite of all of this songs has it's own in tags.
Could you please add an option to download album art from google (not only last fm), like it realized in Poweramp? Thanks in advance!

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From time to time the play/pause icon in the notification stops changing. It still works but is a graphical bug.
Android 7.1.1
Shuttle+ 2.0.0 beta 12

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When playing a song in Shuttle, when the screen locks and I unlock it, Shuttle is basically frozen. I can't change the song, the time progress doesn't move either


Really just a dev question... When using the album art color to color Shuttle, are you just grabbing the Vibrant color? I haven't looked at your code (I probably should, lol) just asking in general.

V 2.0.0-beta 12
Comments apply to playing from a playlist, closing Shuttle+, then opening it: Most if not all information for the song playing is accurately displayed. When the initial song is finished, some of the information is not changed to describe the next song. This includes album artwork, song title, artist, etc., playing time. The playlist is sorted random. The three lines on the left are grayed out for the first song, but remain grayed out for the first song and do not become grayed out for the second song nor the following songs.

You have a Sleep Timer. Why not a Wake up Timer?

Thanks to open source, someone (Will Coughlin) has contributed some changes to enable 'album shuffle' in Shuttle. So this should be coming down the pipe soon!

If you're interested in contributing to Shuttle, there's no better time than Hacktober https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/. Get a free t-shirt!

Anyway, I'm looking for help coming up with an icon for album-shuffle. It needs to fit right in with the existing (material design) shuffle button. If you've got any suggestions, please send them in.

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And can be the next songs bar in a place less uncomfortable?

Seems there are frequent pauses of audio with new upgrade ... Not sure if others experienced same ... please look into .. thx
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