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Name: Taliah
Age: 13
Godly Parent: Apollo
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Brownish Red-Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Pets: A white pegasus named Blizzard, yellow lab named Asher
Powers: Shape-shift, bow and arrow ability, healing, can create light balls, can always tell when someone is telling a lie, can light-travel
Weapons: bow and arrow, Celestial bronze dagger
Likes: Reading, healing, math, science, poetry, sun, playing my cello
Dislikes: Heights, the dark
Fatal Flaw: Trusts people too easily, has a curse that forbids me to tell a lie, or keep anything hidden
Appearance: Profile Pic and below pics
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Name: Dario Cilio
Gender: Male
Cabin: Hades
Birthday: September
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 8in
Appearance: Tall, short black hair, dark brown eyes, tannish skin, skinny
Weapons: A sword that appears out of the shadow , karate, shield, spear
Likes: being alone, reading, going into the dark, scaring people, leading
Dislikes: annoying people, talking to girly girls
Powers: Disappearing in the shadows, the ability to control the dead

Hi i'm new

Name: Genesis Alessandra Vargas
Height: 5' 2.5" (im short :P)
Hair: Dark Brown with large waves
Eyes: Dark Brown with a ring of red on the inside.
Skin: Tan skin that gives off a glow
Powers: Hypnotic voice, song of healing and can control the sun's rays to do whatever is wanted when eyes turn red
Parent: Apollo
Weapons: rubber band that turns into bow when i stretch it out, hair pins that turn into daggers.
Pets: 2 wolves called  Aktína and Fo̱teinós

Name: Lena
Godly Parent: Apollo
Hair: Light brown with blond and red streaks
Eyes: Brown
Likes: Reading, music, cooking, laughing, Hyporboreans, the Hunger Games, Owl City
Dislikes: People who are overly bossy, the Kindly Ones, Minatours
Weapons: I don't really have any weapons, but I paid a Hephaestus guy a hundred golden drachmas to remake Daedelus' laptop for me. So it's my main weapon.
Powers: Healing

Name: Talaen Medeia
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Weapon(s): He can use most close-range weapons, but his long-range aim is terrible, as he's slightly near-sighted.
Power(s): Slight charmspeak that he hasn't quite learned to control, a bit of appearance-changing that he doesn't quite know how to reverse. He stopped trying to use the latter after someone convinced him to turn his eyes pink and he couldn't change them back to their original blue.

Godly Parent: Poseidon
Weapons: Prefers Long thin sword, knife, Bow and Arrow
Powers: Controls water, talks to sea animals and horses/Pegasus, make water out of nothing

Hello Cabin 7 I'm Abby Moon. Don't laugh. I've got golden blonde hair and sky blue eyes. i'm 5" 7'..... yah that's me.

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Cabin 7! Completed with mini archery pit, instrumental area, and sun roof. Comment if you belong here

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Cabin 8! Completed with mini archery pit, "moon roof" and other features. Comment if you belong here 

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Cabin 13! Completed with power-controlling area and more features. Comment if you belong here
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