Students, when you sign up at the Enactus portal, make sure you identify your school as the University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College. Thanks!

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Thanks to those of you that have expressed interest in ENACTUS. We now need you to take the next step, and to register yourself on the ENACTUS portal at: Once you are registered I will submit the names of those of you that are interested in taking the New Team Orientation.

It is not a requirement to take the training to be a team member; however, there are Visa giftcard awards for those that do. Please reference our earlier post concerning the awards. Please email when you have registered.

Kind regards,

Jean and Mark

This is great. I will be sharing with my students.

Welcome to the ENACTUS UAF Team!

Your co-advisors for ENACTUS UAF are Mark Young and Jean Heusinkveld. We are both faculty in the Applied Business and Applied Accounting Program at UAF CTC.

The ENACTUS UAF Team is housed at CTC, but it is a UAF wide interdisciplinary student organization that is meant to engage students in various majors through entrepreneurship and the creation of social/civic engagement. There are no fees to join ENACTUS.

Our first priority is to recruit students!

Please email your name, contact information and whether you would be interested in completing the New Team Orientation to

The first 40 new teams to ENACTUS will receive a $500 grant from Wal-Mart and $350 worth of promotional support. To be eligible your advisors, and at least one student must complete the New Team Orientation.

We would like to see as many people as possible complete the training so we are offering the following awards:

Visa Gift Card
1st to complete: $75.00
2nd to complete: $50.00
3rd to complete: $25.00

It is OK if you do not want to complete the training, we still want you on our team. This is an excellent opportunity to network, collaborate and add to your resume.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Jean and Mark
ENACTUS UAF, co-advisors

Saweet, I'm excited
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