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Hi and welcome to the Tribe!


Don't steal art.

Don't cuss.

Don't roleplay without a unapproved profile.

You can't use a Canon name.

There is no limit on how many cats you can have... so if ya want you can have 999,999,999
(Tho it would be best if you didn't)

If neither respond in 48 hours any mod can approve.

If you make an apprentice the clan leader choose their mentor

When you join please make a profile!! It at least must have:


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OC Profile!!

Current: Cloud That Covers Stars (Cloud)

Age: 18 Moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Prey-Hunter

Agile, shy, modest,

Food: Mouse
Time: Noon

Food: None
Time: Noon
Animal: Hawks/Snakes

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Cloud That Covers The Moon stretched out in the sun. She loved the warmth of the den and quickly huddled into her nest. She hoped something interesting would happen sooner or later, so she could help out!

(( Open RP! ))

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Quote(s): N/A
Theme Song: Unknown
Name: Sparrow That Sits In Tree
Age: 7 moons
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, caring, gentle, sweet, shy, loyal to her Tribe
Bio: Find out in rp's
Past Tribe(s): None
Current Tribe: Tribe Of Rushing Water
Future Clan(s): Tribe Of Endless Hunting
Rank: To-be
Mother: Unknown
Father: Open, ask in rp's
Sisters: None
Brothers: None
Crush: Open, ask in rp's
Mate: Crush first
Kits: Mate first
Other: N/A

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Community Template


Current Name: Bird that Glides Moons (BirdMoon)

Past Name: N/A

Future Name: Teller of the pointed stones (??)

Gender: Male

Age: 40 moons

Rank: Cave guard


Current Clan: ToRW

Past Clan: N/A

Future Clan: ToEH

Clan Duties: Protecting the cave


Personality: Sturdy, Confident, Over protective

Biography: Revealed in Rp


Mother: Unknown

Father: UnKnown

Siblings: None

Crush: Open

Mate: None

Kits: None


Notes: None

Updates: None

Health Problems: None

Art Credit: #Notmine

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Name: grayheart of dreams

Age: 20 moons

Clan: tribe of rushing water

Gender: female

Appearance: picture

Personality: smart. Wise. Kindenss calmness

Rank: to be apprentice

Extra: she can tell you about your dreams and your nightmares too

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{+} Character Form {+}

Quote: " If danger is around the corner, what's the use of not going towards it? "
Name: Cloud That Covers The Moon
Age: 19 moons
Rank: Guard
Appearance: See Picture
Clan: Tribe of Rushing Water
Personality: She is à open and friendly cat, and loves to protect the cats around her.
Mother: Moon That Covers Sun (( Open ))
Father: Talon That Carries Prey (( Open ))
Siblings: Wave That Crashes Down (( Open )), and Falcon That Circles Sky (( Open ))
Crush: (( Open ))
Mate: None
Kits: None

[Name]: Eye That Sees Only Stars
[Age]: 15 moons old
[Gender]: Female
[Rank]: Prey-Hunter
[Appearance]: Grey fur with a white back and white spots, light green eyes (almost white)
[Clan]: Tribe of Rushing Water
[Personality]: Fairly quiet, doesn't tell most others about herself, keeps to her own mind, pretty introverted
[Extra]: She is blind, and can only see light and shadow.
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