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Exynap is back!

After months of inactivity, I continued the development of Exynap. ☺

What is new:
1. I switched to a new and faster backend
2. The latest version does also include a new "command interpreter". For example, the new "command interpreter" can "understand" concated commands. It is still in its very early days... and far from perfect, but that is an ongoing process :-)

Please let me know what you think

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Does anyone know how to run the plugin with an http proxy? And if yes, how do you do?

Are you thinking about offering a paid version where I could keep my shortcuts private and see them before any of the community shortcuts?

Kotlin support in Exynap is coming very soon! Stay tuned!

What do you want?!

Exynap exists for the sole purpose to make Android development faster, better, easier

I would like to ask you...
What is the most boring or time consuming, or frustrating part you encounter as an Android Developer?
What needs to be fixed?

I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks a lot.

looks great!!

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I'm using Android Studio 2.2.1 and Exynap 1.1.2 Beta. Sometimes, I get "Connection Error" and Exynap cannot generate code.

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I know you have posted a fix for OSX users, but your fix introduces another issue. The font rendering on Java 1.7+ is absolutely terrible on OSX. Here is a post that talks about the reasons why:

Is it possible for you to backport your code to java 1.6? I'd definitely like to use exynap, but java 1.7 & 1.8 break my fonts to the point that Android Studio is unusable.

I recognize this is a difficult request and have no expectation for you to complete such an insane request, but I wanted to make you aware of why OSX AS users use Java1.6

Exynap Update

New backend and plugin version:

- added support for more "complex" Android snippets
- added support for plain (non Android) Java snippets (yay!)

Plugin (v.1.1.2):
- bugfix (placeholder is not fully selected)

New commands:
is ui thread
is external storage readable
is external storage writable

format double to String with one/two/three decimal place
convert Date to String
convert String to Date
generate random number
get/set second/minute/.../year from/to Calendar
convert String to ByteArrayInputStream

... and much more

Next big step:
Completely new language interpreter for much better results

Exynap Update

New backend and plugin (v 1.1.1) version is out:

- added support for external libs (EventBus and Picasso are available right now - more libs coming soon)
- several new snippets

Plugin (v.1.1.1):
- removed auto code formatting after code insertion
- minor performance improvements

Next Steps
- much faster response time
- support for more complex snippets (control flow statements → if-else, switch-case)
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