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+Steven Simard​​​​​​​​
+Manuel Zayas​​​​​​​​
+Rhaegos Arch'kezes​​​​​​​​
Name: Aurora
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Bio: Just your average teen elf until I found a dragon egg and it hatched for me. Our enemies, the dragon hunters, were searching for the egg, but my people didn't know about it. Our enemies burnt down our village, and I escaped as the only survivor with the help of my dragon. I am currently living among humans, hoping to be able to live an almost normal life where my dragon is safer.
Rider or Not: Rider
Magic User: Knows the Ancient Language by heart, as it is my first language.
Weapons: Green sword and bow that work with the Ancient Language.
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ive sat in wait for years for the right rider and she is close i can feel it

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Name: Adrian Karma
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Elf Hybrid
Personality:I tend to unnerve people with my laid-back attitude that still seems to radiate danger to everyone around me. My sanity is sometimes questions, but when the chips are down, and I grow serious, few can stand up to me.
Abilities: I'm a prodigy in fighting with either daggers or with just my fists. I'm also gifted with a brilliant mind, perfect for manipulating people. And as a half-elf, I far surpass humans in terms of speed and ability. However, I'm no magician currently. However, I often underestimate my opponents, my arrogance tending to hinder my ability to improve. My main weapons are two combat daggers, made out of brightsteel from my mum, as a parting gift.
Bio: A son of a human father and an elf mother, it didn't go that well. My father was already well past his prime, and died of a heart attack when I was five. My mother, unable to cope, left me on the streets, returning to the woods. I raised myself, stealing at first, then quickly make a name for myself as a deadly individual. Eventually, I left the town to look for more challenge.
Appearance: *see below*
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Hm, is this community dead then? Such a shame. It had a lot of good members. Of course, I might be the spark to bring you all back, with hope.

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The market square fell silent, people's eyes drifted towards the center of the square where an ancient looking man cried: "to those who wish to become a rider, please step forward!

                                                     Picture of the egg


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There is a blast of light with a deafening crack. In a newly formed clearing a young woman appears. She gasps for air after her sudden teleportation. Blood drips from her hand gripping the crystals that brought her there so tightly. Her icy white hair is spread around her as she lays unconscious on the forest floor. Blood dribbles from her mouth as well as she coughs weakly.

lays on a mountain near by and watch the people and creatures go by it's a bit interesting to watch this creatures their quite fascinating....

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Age-0 still egg :(

Extra info- White egg

Auma flew with her Rider safely strapped to her back, and searched for Vroengard. She saw you coming and kept flying, not caring if you had saw her Rider.

(Okay, backstory. Auma's Rider, Adrian, is half human, half elf. Maybe you might like that, maybe you won't. Anyways, in order to join this rp, you must have both Rider and Dragon present before we start, or you may play as a wild dragon. Please be descriptive. Please have good grammer. And if possible, do a chart of how your character talks. For example.. These are mind communications, This is a action, and this is normal text, or speaking out loud. You may use your own system.)
+Adrian Lee 

im a dragon looking for a rider and this is third account because two previous profiles i was abandoned and had to make new ones. my new profile should be at the top considering i just made it recently 
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