I bring you greetings from the guild government 2016/2017.
We appreciate your support and corporation you have given to our government and we pray that you keep the same spirit up to the end, God bless you. As per the work plan of the guild government and student's manifesto, the guild has managed to do the following activities successfully;
The guild carried out the induction training. The induction is the initiation training which helps new leaders to know their responsibilities and powers. It was successful and all our guild members were fully trained.

The Guild has repaired the borehole in front of the library and it is now fully functioning. This borehole is to help our students to get water during water crisis.

There will be cost sharing between Guild and Administration concerning the issue of solving the problem of water crisis. Water will be pumped from bio system engineering site; this is because the water level at campus cannot allow the process to be effective.

The guild government repaired 20 new compound seats that were installed at Faculty of Medicine, and we are looking forward to add more seats on the main campus in the near future.

Faculty of Education and humanities has received two new notice boards and one big blackboard.
The guild advocated and ensured timely delivery of exam results, as well as lectures for both weekday and weekend programs. This semester, exams of some faculties like Science and Agriculture and environment were released in holidays and other faculties apart from Education and humanities were out in the first two weeks of the semester.

Law program was accredited and the faculty of Law acquired new furniture.

The internet bandwidth was upgraded from 7mbps to 15mps and distributed to different faculties for the benefit of all students. We have submitted a formal request to management to upgrade the bandwidth to at least 100mbps. Management is considering upgrading it in phases. This was advocated and followed by the guild government.

The department of Pharmacy received a new Head of Department. This has been the cry of the pharmacy student but speaking now it has been solved. We are now asking management to comprehensively address the issues of lecture rooms, seats and other lacking materials.
Course coordinators allowances were placed in the budget and soon will be implemented. Class coordinators should be patient for a while and as soon as the cash flow stabilizes it will be our first priority. 
In conjunction with the office of the university counsellor, we were able to train 40 peer educators/counsellors from different faculties. They were trained in different areas like life skills, dealing with daily stress, HIV and AIDs knowledge and how to help other students who are in need of advice. In a bid to prevent HIV and AIDS and HEPATITIS B, the Guild lobbied for 4 condom dispensers that were strategically placed for easy accessibility by users.

The guild lobbed free Medical service including free Hepatitis B vaccines, cervical cancer screening, HIV and AIDs testing and counselling.

The Guild government is also in the process of repairing worn out dustbins and making new ones to be placed at various points in the campus in order to maintain high level of hygiene.
The guild facilitated our debaters who represented us in the inter university debate where we emerged as first runner up

The guild government conducted the orientation of year ones successfully. We transported students from town to campus and directed them to hostels of their choice; every year one student was facilitated by a bottle of water each day throughout the orientation week.
Hostel zonation was successfully done. The guild government carried out hostel zonation and ranking and gave the best information to the students which enabled them to choose hostels which can favour them.

The guild has effectively represented the university at national and international levels like public universities student’s forum, DEAN of student’s forum, UNSA, YOUTH COUNCIL, INTERUNIVERSITY DEBATES AND DIALOGUES, NATIONAL STUDENTS FORUM etc

The guild has initiated the process of acquiring a Guild coaster and all necessary paper work is being obtained. We hope to get it if Cash flow allows. 
We have also been able to financially support a number of student social events like IDD celebrations, outreach missions, funerals and burials, international peace day and independence celebrations, NUVHOP, among others. 
The guild would now be in position to have constructed the basketball duo Court but we have been affected by cash flow. But if the cash flow stabilizes we shall be in position to work on it.

The guild government and games Union together agreed that sports people will be facilitated to participate in the East African games this year. Recess and Inter faculty games were successfully completed.

Guild government and management have finalized plans to beautify the university compound and demarcating pathways. All necessary steps are complete but awaiting funding from Central treasury. This project will be implemented by our students from the faculty of agriculture.
The guild conducted a successful fresher’s ball and swearing in ceremony of all year ones and the chief fresher
The guild organised a successful cultural gala and nineteen (19) associations participated. All associations were facilitated. Money to support the associations was increased from UGX300,000 to UGX400,000 and we upheld the initiative of giving appreciation token to each association. The whole activity was fully funded by the Guild government to a tune of 16.71M.

We are expecting to do more and your corporation counts.
“For Community Transformation”

State minister for ICT


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