Name: Adeen Death Crystal
Creepypasta name: The dead one
age: 18
gender: female
species: demon wolf
weapons: swords, crossbow, claws, wings
family: the moon king but he was killed...
killing method: cut off their heads! or claw them to death..
bio: at the begging of time the moon king sent her don to watch the world grow. but as the centuries went by she changed. she grew insane and when her father went to take her back she grew enraged. she killed him and now kills who ever tell her to live a life
Appearance: she has long black hair, owl wings, canine teeth, wolf ears and tail, and other things you'll see

great.. im stuck here.... begins looking around for an exit. my eyes flash red and I turn around in a flash thought someone was there... turns around again and faces you. falls down and scambles up ((RP open))

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lays on the Merry go round whistling pop goes the weasle

Would anyone like to rp?

is in the human world,looking for some little children to “befriend”
(Open rp)

Goes In My Room To Fix A Camera That Broke Stupid Masky Dropping My Baby!

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Real Name Jake Matthew Collins
Creepypasta Name Laughing Jake
Age 17
Gender male
Species killer clown
Master Laughing Jack
Weapons whatever I can get my hands on
Killing Method it depends
Killing Phrase none
Family David Collins (father,deceased), Myra Collins (mother,deceased), Laughing Jack (master,adoptive father)
Sexuality bisexual
Likes candy,killing kids,sex,girls,
Dislikes children
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Real name: Zero
Creepypasta Name: Zero
Age: Not really know
Gender: Female
Species: Very real imaginary friend
Weapons: Sledgehammer and cleaver
Killing method: Crushes the victim's skull with her sledgehammer then rips out their skeleton and draws a "0" where their skulls would go if they're too damaged.
Killing Phrase: 
Family: Husband, kids and grandkids
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Color
Appearance: Picture with story

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Real Name: Brian Sutton
Creepypasta Name: Hoodie or Hood
Age: 19
Like: Cheesecake, Masky,Master Slender man, Rest of the Cp, Cameras,Killing
Dislike: Jeff a little, Bully's, LJ Creep me out
Family: Don't If His Real Family Still Alive Or Not... But has one With His Master other Proxys
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