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Name : Timothy Lawrence
Nick name : Body Double Jack
Age : 35
Speciality : mimicking people and summoning digi Jacks
Species : Human

Qualities : Can act like his boss when on the job, can only really draw cats.

Looks : picture below .
E/C : green and blue
H/C : brown

False qualities : has some freckles still so he hides them with his clothes and has a much more softer appearance.

Education : finished collage with student loans.
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Hello id like to be trained as a Hyperion sniper

"Hello you people.

I'm glad to see this thing is still going."

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Is this community Dead?

In Memoriam: Felicity

Sacrificed for the good of the company.
Killed by data deletion for the AI of the first Constructor.

Gladstone Katoa

He helped design many prototypes for workers and engineers.
Killed by a douchebag move, sucking him out to the deep, cold depths of space.


Killed by Hyperion CEO Jack

um jack may i ask you something?

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Soy el รบnico que sabe hablar espaรฑol en esta comunidad ?????? O-0

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We have drop ships

testing new robots and a badass loader starts to act weird and attack me hey i need some help!
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