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from can i get dataset for web mining

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Java programming code - implements matrix LU decomposition, matrix A = LU.

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How #datamining company actually helpful in detecting the suspected substances in your data?
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Need help as some of you are one of the Data minist

As there is no one to guide me on data mining so I am searching online for this. I am 3rd year student sir.
Actually Sir I am stuck with the facebook data mining.
I want to fetch the total number of particular facebook page
From a particular location as given. For ex. ( Facebook pages related to health from Atlanta, Georgia)
It is done by Python.
What will be the function call for this??
Please I need solution for this.

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How Can #Data #Mining Benefit My Company

“Everything that informs us of something useful that we didn’t already know is a potential signal. If it matters and deserves a response, its potential is actualized – Data Mining”

Data mining avows the hidden precious stones among the heaps of amounts of data. #Data #mining assists the organizations analyze the preposterous amounts of data to detect the regular arrangements or learn the upcoming things. Without automation it is impossible to process the data. In short, data mining is the process of sorting through the large sets of data for pinpointing the patterns and establishes the relationships to clear up the issues through the data analysis and its tools help in guiding in predicting the future trends. It also involves about the collection, processing and extraction of new information from it.


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