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The secret life of pets

Hey guys

It's Creampuffsky (the person who started this community if you did not know)
I just wanted to let you know you can post videos if you want to but they can only be toy or gaming related


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Please follow me for more

I will be starting two more communities very soon
Like maybe on Friday


What is your favourite YouTube video????????????????????

Mine is ldshadowlady crazy craft

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Here's a picture of dollastic and some facts

First fact
She has a sister called jenny and her channel is called jentlestrengh and her stop motion channel is
Stop motion skits

Second fact

She's friends with Chad Alan , radiojh Audrey , sallygreengamer , bins toy bin and Jay Squared

Third fact

Her channels are dollastic , dollastic plays and plastic dreams

If you have more facts comment down them!!
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Are you a gaming Geek? well here's a list of spectacular gaming youtubers

Gamer chad
Radiojh audrey
Dollastic plays

Please comment and tell me your favourite gaming youtubers and what games you like!

Hello here are so channel's to check out if u love toys

Chad Alan
Radiojh audrey
Cookie swirl c

If you know anymore channels please comment cause i really want to know what toy channels you like to watch!!!

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