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We no longer provide support for HWIZIT Messenger. It will continue operating but we will not be adding any new features.

Instead, you can use our brand new app @ .

More features and better functionality.

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This feels sooo gd i hve never heard of this network but lemi jst try it out
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Six months ago, we started experimenting on voice calling using internet. We tried the SIP protocol and it worked on about 70 % of the devices. However, due to Telco providers blocking SIP traffic, we could not release without being able to cover all devices.

We started developing a signaling server which the just released voice calling is based on.

So the important question is: Why should you use HWIZIT VOICE CALLING?

* It is based on peer to peer communication. Devices are identified by their addresses. Because of this, governments and agencies will not have records of your calls. We use a signalling server to set up calls. Once this process is complete, voice data transfer is peer to peer.

* It is HD calling. Well if your connection speed allows you.

* But the most important feature is that you can call even when you don't have internet. So if you are in connected to the same network and set up a call successfully, the data transfer will not eat into your internet bill at all.

To test this, create a hotspot. Have 2 Android devices with the latest hwizit version. Place a call. Once the call has been answered by and connected to the other party, keep the hotspot on but disable the internet. You will notice that you will continue hearing each other.

So, is HWIZIT VOICE CALLING better than WhatsApp/Skype calling?

You decide. But based on the fact that you can talk without internet, we say yes. Cash-low offices should benefit from this.

* And of course all voice data transfer is encrypted. So it is secure.

In February, we will release call transfer features.

We are hoping we can partner with service providers in 2016 to provide our solution to them. After all, it's always about cutting costs.

You can get the latest version here:

Happy 2016 to you guys and your families.




We are starting voice beta testing for voice calling.

If you would like to assist, please send an email to or comment on this post with your number.


The HWIZIT Inc team

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