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This Processing System was Referred to in Ancient history, as the SOUL
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A fact is not a truth. Let's not fall for any facts for a truth. A truth has to be necessarily wholesome and self satisfying, bringing about calm and peace, while a fact is just a dimension of the whole, and often a sharp edged fraction, quite true to its character injuring and chaotic as well.

©Copyright Layman's Diary 1 0/17

Do we really exist ,as it appears to be, or just an interpretation carried out by the majority of us, under the influence of our being born and reared in a conventional superficial knowledge of the kind.

In the world of polarities, every thing exists just as a relative thing to its opposite polarity. Thus our existence is just an opposite experience,against the idea of non existence. Once non existence becomes unthinkable the existence is no more there.

To aspire anything to happen in a particular way, one has necessarily to work on its relative form. Thus to defeat the death one has to discover the way of unthinking life as there is no death in the absence of any life...

This argument has no end and those who visit these vistas now and then, know it.

© Layman's Diary 5.10.17

None, who has not experienced the state of nothing, will ever be able to understand and taste the existence of anything. What he says is just the effect of his hung up, or at highest a copy of the experience, above his head and away from his abode.
Let the nothingness shower its understanding to turn the sun of the scorching fields into something productive, as the sun after a shower is the sun, otherwise a wrath of sand and thorn before, where description of its being so bright and beautiful is all a lie or just a copy.

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The pile is just a reference as the book of God is not a happened but an ever becoming account.


All that we teach or taught ,
is not the education,
but a prerequisite time spending practice
to wait it happen.

© Layman's Diary

We ourselves, as a part of it can't expect a whole view and understanding of the fate, unless we stand separated and act as a spectator of this whole drama.


It is not actually them or we, but the all important breeze of love that happened to pass by the same moment we went along, that made the whole difference.
Seek that very gentle breeze of love.
Nothing else.


Unity on prides and possessions is a witless wit, for the miracle of unity of being one in many, we have to present submissions and deprivations to others and ask for the suggestions to be by these deprivations lovingly, instead of ignorantly suggesting our intellect engulfing even the infinity.

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