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I just checked the guest book and we have 16 entries. nice, let every one know of your great website at and sign that wonderful and easy to use guestbook, thanks and have a great day.

looks like our check in count has gone up, when I did net last time (wed aug 28th 2013 at 18:30 - 19:00 I had 17 check ins, so lets keep these numbers coming in. let your friends know about this page and the net we run 7 days a week at 18:30 hours on the kars repeater at 146.980 with a 127.3 hz tone. thanks for reading and have a great day.

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now theres a new way to get to this page, , thats the new shorter address. thanks to Iyaz from know how on the podcast network for showing us how to make a shorter address on google +, have a great day.

Silent Key of K7DWB - Dave Baird died on sunday march 24th 2013 around 2:30am, the funeral service well be at 11am at the LDS church at address 732 W. Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA. open casket at 10am - 10:30am. 

looks like we lost our friday net controller and we need a new one. so if you want to be a net controller of this wonderful net then just let me or gabbee know. thanks

The GuestBook: wow, we have 10 ppl that have signed our guestbook, thats cool. Please let your friends know about this G+ communities page and about, thanks

We now have a new friday net controller, Jim KF7TFJ. now gabbee doesnt have to do both thursday and friday. :D

I dont know why this is late but another silent key of W1HHR - John Sullivan "sully" of columbia, connecticut. passed away back in nov 12 of 1012 he was 83.

I am sad to report the loss of one of our friends, past chairman of the Spokane Hamfest and mentor to many.  Bob Meenach, AC7GP passed away Saturday after a long battle with cancer.  He will be missed.  Let’s keep his family in our hearts during this time of grief and loss.  I will pass on more information when I receive it.

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ok, I just got done editing the heck out of the website at and now it looks better. So please go have a look and please sign the new guest book. thanks and have a great day.
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