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Text exported following a geometry path comes out garbled

I have some animated text that in Motion 5 that when I export the text looks garbled. Some info that I hope helps:

1. The "Path Shape" is set to "geometry" and follows the circle in the image.
2. There are 4 image mask on the circle.
3. There is a Disk Warp filter that animates through the image as the video goes.
4. I render it with Color set to color + Alpha with Premultiply checked.
4a. I've tried different codecs.
4b. I've also tried publishing it to FCPX.

Here is an image of what I get. The 1st is what I see in Motion, the 2nd is what I get after export. Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Does anyone know how to create the animation of the red dots from this tutorial video? It is for After Effects and done with expressions. Is there a similar way to do it in Motion to control the animation with a slider?

Im having a major issue with the text quality of my videos done in Motion 5. they look and move choppy. I can't figure out why. and is there a way to make my videos H.264 or not.  

Does anyone know where I can get a decent video of a hand tapping a green screen for cheap? I'm doing an ipad training video for work, and all camtasia / screenflow seem to offer are 'touch dots'

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Gioco per i bambini, basta creare all'uncinetto un tappeto come se fosse una strada ed i vostri piccoli potranno fare viaggiare le colorate macchinine tutto creato da voi.

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Pete here from motion template,Lot more on my blog about motions #templates  

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Amazing and joyful presentation of your images with spectacular camera shots, scenes and situations. Ideal to present your photos dynamically.
Easy change of texture floor.
Up to 48 image / video placeholders.
Short Version 27 image/video placeholders.
Text placeholders for each image
No plugins required
Includes video tutorial
Apple Motion 5
29,97 fps

Hi guys! I would like to know if is it possible and how to import simple vectorial file from photoshop or after effect into Motion 5 and use the "write-on" animation effect. Thank youuu 
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