I will be at NJEA in Atlantic City tomorrow...anyone who wants to stop by and help is welcome!

Anyone know who I could write a grant request too for 1-2 racks of chrome books? Our school has none, and only one tech lab. We have some IPad, but not nearly enough.....any suggestions welcome! Thanks, Harvey

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We know it is the end of the year, and you are busy, but please share this information with other teachers in your school that have not yet completed the CodeOrg K5 training. Harvey has indicated to me that the training is still a go for next week IF (notice the BIG IF) we get 10 teachers to sign up. Please do your part to get the attendance up to that count. The Session is on this coming Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 pm in Bristol PA.

I am writing to you, because you have completed the session with Harvey, and you know how valuable it is.

If your friends and colleagues jump on the band wagon, you will have someone in your school that you can share with and plan for the new school year in Fall 2016. Just think... It is one of those win-win-win opportunities. You win, because you gain a convert, the teacher who comes wins because they learn so very much, and most importantly more students WIN next year with the engaging, exciting, and exploratory activities.

When you get to the Find a workshop, please enter Bristol PA to find the information and registration.

Looking forward to to a wonderful time.


I love the two stickers that were in our bag. The hour of code and the move on that look like our programming blocks. Is there somewhere we can purchase those? Thanks.

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New CodeOrg K5 Training at Bucks County Community College.
June 7 and June 9
5:00 to 8 pm

Bristol, PA

Please share with your colleagues and administrators.
This training is so very helpful to all teachers. Although aimed at Elementary Teachers, I have found that concepts, and ideas are useful to me as I teach college students.

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We are trying to create a Philly Cohort for this PD during summer.
This is for AP CSP ---Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles at the high school level.


Please pass on to others who might be interested.
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