Age:3000 (human years)18
Species:snow wolf
Likes: jacksepticeye,blood,leading,markiplyer
Dis-likes: humans,being a follower
Personality: strict,bold,brave
Powers: turns in to a demon wolf on bloodmoons or fullmoons

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Is:shy,friendly,kind,brave(lol shy and brave ;D),likes horror
Info:Sometimes She can feel the darkins inside of her becouse her father is a demon.
Age:1340/(human years):15
Wolf Kind:night angle with black wings
Story/Roleplay: I can remember the time were I lost my mother....It was a war between the Wolf kind angle and demon.My mother was an angle my father a demon.I even lost my father
...well he actually lost me.but I hope he is alive... some of the demons took me to a other planet. I was looking around and I hide my wimgs so that no one knows that I an angle. I saw animals,trees,.....I cried loudly. I hoped I will See my father again.later, I saw a Wolf.He/She looked at me and comes closer. He/She said(...)

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mutters: grr i left that dumb pack i finallu not bossed around by those dumb ass Alphas you see me walking in another packs territory and you stop me

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Species:Giant wolf/only one left of his specise
Powers:jaws of death,bull charge,instanity rage mode,speed like lighning,imortality,clones
Likes:nice people,other wolves,friends,
Dislikes:when people atack his kind or when they attack his friends
Description:does not give mercy when fighting,extreamly hard to even touch him,sensitive,very kind,very agressive when provoked
Bio:one day there was an very unusual wolf named alex at first but when people saw alex deafeat a group of other adult wolves and there were some bulls and bears too alex deafeated them all the pack raised and trained alex but one night a storm came upon and killed all the rest of alex family and pack and before they died they named him Destroyah-the lone wolf which also made him -king of the wolves-
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Name: Snow
Age: 10
Species: White wolf
Gender: Female
Likes: Markiplier, Fighting, Love, her friends
Dislikes: Mercy, Anyone who's mean to her friends
Personality: Can be flirty, If in battle she gives no mercy, She is kind
Powers: Ice, Snow and cold air
Bio: I'm both a lover and a fighter, I can be a really good friend but if you're a male without a mate, i could be her if you want

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Name: Windy
Age: 8
Species: White wolf
Gender: Female
Likes: Having new friends, Minecraft Markiplier and Fighting
Dislikes: Being pushed back by other animals
Personality: Caring, Sharing, Good, Loyal, Clever
Powers: Ice and snow powers
Bio: I was abandonded by the age of 4 and ive been fighting other animals lately and im still finding a home

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Would anyone like to be my parents?

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Name: wick
Age: 3
Species: Firefox
Gender: male
Likes: wood, trees
Dislikes: water, cold
Personality: joyful, playful, curious and nice
Powers: makes fire from running, barking, howling and scratching
Bio: was abandoned at age of 1 and is looking for new parents, mom and dad got into a fight and I never saw them again...

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Name: Ren
Age: ?
Species: shapeshifting spirit
Gender: ?
Likes: running, and quiet
Dislikes: being held back
Powers: shapeshifting, teleporting, runs like the wind.
Bio: being the spirit of the forest, Ren is always alone. He runs as fast as the wind. He as calm as a still puddle.

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Name: Jess
Age: 27
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female
Likes: Anti, Darkipler, Green and YouTube
Dislikes: Angie's
Powers: Running fast, Can read minds and fire
Bio: I'm a wolf that loves to hunt and go on YouTube.
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