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Precious Friends, Because Pastor loves you and wants to see you in HEAVEN one day - THIS VERY IMPORTANT THOT WILL SHOCK MANY AND YET IT MUST BE TOLD WITH LOVE TO RESCUE PERISHING SOULS. Read on to see why.

TRUTH HURTS BUT If You Will Listen And Act In Obedient Response To It - TRUTH Will Set Your Soul Free. Question Is: Are You Willing?

Many want to goto HEAVEN after they die. Yet they do not know that you cannot gain acceptance for entry into GOD'S HEAVEN in your sinful state! You must know what are the requirements set by HOLY GOD.

Yes, many who think they are going to HEAVEN are actually Not Going To HEAVEN! This is because they have not read GOD'S Written WORD called THE HOLY BIBLE and do not know the requirements set by GOD that must be satisfied in full.

Yes, unless HOLY GOD forgives your sins and grant you GOD'S Priceless Gift Of Eternal Life In GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST you can never enter into GOD'S HEAVEN.

This is because JESUS CHRIST Is GOD'S Only Chosen SAVIOR with All Authority and Power to forgive sin and to save sinners from perishing in Eternity.

Yes, JESUS in great love and mercy towards us knew that unless He dies in our place to pay the Eternal Death Penalty that sin brings on the sinner, HOLY GOD will not and cannot forgive the souls of sinners.

JESUS therefore sacrificially came to Earth and took upon Himself the full fury of GOD'S Wrath against our sins when He willingly laid down His Life to die for the sins of the whole world on the Cross on Calvary some two thousand years ago.

He was buried and when JESUS arose victoriously from the grave on the third day He Conquered the sting of death and our sins were PAID IN FULL! in the eyes of HOLY GOD.

Without JESUS no one can enter into HEAVEN! This is Holy Bible Truth and no one is exempt!

Unless a person urgently turns to GOD through GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST to seek forgiveness for their sins and to obtain GOD'S Priceless Gift Of Eternal Life, there will be NO ETERNAL HOPE for the person. This is Holy Bible Truth and GOD does not lie.

Hear What GOD Has Decreed In Romans 6:23 (NKJV):

For The Wages Of Sin Is Death, But The Gift Of GOD Is ETERNAL LIFE In CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.

Again read John 3:16 (NKJV):

For GOD so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten SON, that whoever Believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.

Friends, you have now heard THE GOSPEL MESSAGE OF SALVATION IN JESUS CHRIST that faithful servants of GOD have been earnestly preaching to many souls week after week in churches across the world to warn them to settle their sin status with JESUS so they may be accepted by GOD into His Eternal HEAVENLY HOME.

Therefore, if you still do not have JESUS CHRIST in your life as your SAVIOR and LORD, you must GET SAVED Now - so that you will not perish in GOD'S Coming Judgment on the human race.

Act Now! Time is of the essence. GOD says: Today Is Your Day Of Salvation. Now Is The Acceptable Time! Make your peace with GOD Now because there are no second chances once you die in your sins without JESUS.

Listen to this very important 8 minutes sermon below. It will show you how you can obtain forgiveness for your sins and point you the way into GOD'S Heavenly Home. Amen. GOD bless you. Pastor Ben Soon.

Hear Now: A MESSAGE OF HOPE TO ALL SINNERS - Preached By Pastor Ben Soon
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