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Quotes ~ I-I'm I didn't mean to!

•Basic Information •

FACE CLAIM: (picture)

First Name~ Scarlet
Middle Name~ N/A
Last Name~ Tayiō
Nicknames~ Scar

Mental Aged 17
Physical Age~ 17

Gender~ female
Sexuality~ Hetero

Blood Type~ B positive
Nationality~ British and Japanese
Language(s) spoken~ English and Japanese

Height~ 5"2
Weight~ 160

Dominant Hand~ N/A

Virgin?~ yes
Relationship Status song
Love Interest~

Personality~ Shy, insane sweet

Occupation~ N/A
Hair Color~ dark brown red streak
Eye Color~ can't decide

Weapons~ something's on her back
Family~ Deijī and Luke tayiō
Gemstone~ diamond
Magic~ N/A
Friends~.... Define friends
Enemies~ no one....... Yet


Birthday~ April 19

Zodiac Sign~ Aries

Birthplace~ N/A

Hometown~ London

First Words~ bloody hell

First Toy~ a ball

Biggest Childhood fear~ weapons

Biggest Childhood Trauma~ being awake while turn into what she I now

Biggest Childhood Dream~ having friends

Biggest Childhood Hero~ N/A


Sleeping Habit~ Turing every 5 mins

Walking Habit~ kicking stuff out her path

Eating Habit~ N/A

Study Habit~ N/A

Work Habit~ writing something else

Nervous Habit~ *sparks repeatedly

Quirk~ pulling her wires out when she's mad

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⨳10 -

Health: 10/10
Strength: 5/10
Stamina: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Flexibility: 5/10
Reflexes: 10/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Charisma: 10/10
Social Skills: 4/10
Confidence: 3/10
Style: 5/10
Humor: 3/10
Passion: 10/10
Spirituality: 5/10
Discipline: 10/10
Neatness: 8/10

•Summarize Bio•
I doctor made a sweet girl to a monster. She turn a regular human to a killing robot but she don't kill..... Anymore.


Pronouncing Issues~ N/A

Voice~ she sounds kind and sweet and haves a British accent

Allergies~ None

Phobias~ of being alone

Commands: no one

Characteristics: insane crazy sweet 
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Hi im a new student here
Im ut
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Quote: wait what
Name: Scarlet
Last name: Tayiō
Age: 15
Species: unknown vocaloid
Birthdate: 4/19/
Height: blushes 5"2
Weight:..... slaps you don't ask a lady it's weight size!!!!
Personality: gives no fuck, kind (haha funny), gentle, an cry baby sometimes
Likes: pocky etc
Dislikes: jerks
Powers: super jumping and something else
Abilities: something in a the files can't remember
Bio: Unknown 
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ART BY: +just for nowbecause I can't art for my life. Thanks fren!
She was based on the song "Splatter Party: Bizarre Murder."
Link to song:
Link to Japanese, Romaji, and English lyrics:

Name: Nyx (Her name means "Night." She has no official last name)

Height: 5'3
Hair: Long, black, messy hair
Eyes: Emerald green
She is thin and good looking

Clubs: Any kind of club having to do with taking care of animals or having to do with animals in general.

Age: 19

In any sports: None as of now.

Likes: Weapons (especially knives, which she is very skilled with), animals, wooded areas, tree climbing, obstacle courses for training, fighting training. She also has a sweet tooth.

Dislikes: She really dislikes bullies and abuse. She will almost always stand up for and or protect anyone she sees being physically abused or bullied.

Bio: Nyx can be pretty chill, and normally she is. She probably won't like you very much at first. Give it some time, and you might find that Nyx is a very dependable friend. She will protect what she loves with her life. Also, you should be careful when getting to know Nyx. If you offend her, or get on her bad side, she could attack. She always has at least one knife on her. When in "attack mode", she will act like a savage animal, showing no mercy. It is possible to stop her, but you must not be afraid of her turning on you. It's not her fault though. She grew up as an orphan. But before she became an orphan, she was abused. Her abuse began when she was around the age of four or five. Her mother was the one who dealt the abuse. This lasted four about a year before her mother got sick. That's when she escaped and ran away. She grew up in the forest after that. She was taken in by a family of wolves. Believe it or not, she can communicate with wolves. If you are ever lost in the woods or a forest, if she likes you enough, you will survive. As an added note, sometimes she goes on killing sprees. This is her way sometimes of releasing the frustration and stress of knowing that she had an abusive mother and having to deal with the abuse at such a young age. Sometimes when she goes into "attack mode," it's because of her PTSD. When caused by her PTSD, she's attacking because she believes that her life is on the line.

Extra: Nyx would never even think of hurting a child, even on her killing sprees. The biggest reason for this is because of the abuse she received from her mother. She became an orphan after escaping and would hate for any child to have to be harmed, or become an orphan like herself. This is also why, even if on a spree, she wouldn't target a woman if they are a mother. Though, there have been a couple of times that she has attacked a mother. The only reason for her doing that is because they were being abusive. Afterwards, she takes the child or children to a shelter or somewhere safe.

(Look to pictures of knife. Actually drawn my me ^^) This is Nyx's favorite knife. Its name is Axelle. Axelle is a female French name, meaning source of all life. She named it this because this weapon has saved her life countless times.
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