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This community has been created with the aim of providing information and resources regarding breast cancer, for both men and women. If you know of a good source of information, have some tips or experience you can share, or anything else that might be helpful to anyone just diagnosed, going through or recovering from  breast cancer please share it here for other's to read. 
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Kind-Hearted - Cancerians are kind and nurturing by nature that makes them very unique from the list of zodiac sign.

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Useful new video from the Breast Cancer Care charity.

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Secondary Breast Cancer - this is when the cancer cells spreads to other parts of the body. But strangely the number of people diagnosed with secondary BC is not recorded in England. Breast Cancer Care are trying to tackle this - visit their page to find out how you can help, or for more information about secondary BC.

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Feb 4th is World Cancer Day - share your stories,  or read about what others are saying at

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Blind Breast Cancer Detectors: This is an interesting article on the BBC about blind examiners detecting breast cancer and the usefulness because of their greater touch sensitivity. 

Are you brave enough? Many women have hair loss during cancer treatment and some have some permanent hair loss. Have you experienced this and been brave enough to go 'bare', i.e. not cover up your hair loss? If so share your experiences here - what advice would you give other women who are contemplating going without head covering?

Many cancer patients will suffer some kind of hair loss or thinning whilst going through and after treatment. As a patient you may not always be advised of all the options that are out there to help cover or improve hair loss, so we've compiled a list of treatments below that we've come across.

We are not specifically recommending any of these, just providing a list of what's out there so that people can investigate further what is suitable for them. Not all treatments are suitable for an individual's own hair loss or thinning and may be dependent on the causes of the hair loss. Your own GP, cancer charity support nurse, or specialist hairdresser  may be able to help advise you. 

If you have had success with any of the treatments listed below, or if you know of any others not listed, please do post your experiences or information!

- Cold cap (used during chemotherapy treatment to help prevent hair loss)
- Wearing scarves or a head covering
- Wigs
- Micro extensions
- Filament hairpieces
- Total Loss hair solution
- Injections/Tablets/Creams: Minoxidil, Finasteride, Corticosteroids, Dithranol
- Immunotherapy treatment
- Tattooing
- Hair transplant
- Scalp reduction
- Hair cell cloning

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