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XXVIIII Miche'al Anagennoe Strategous 
Easter prayer for the GENTILES. with clarity

Father we gather in spirit is your temple to ask for the service of guidance to them bound in the darkness, so that they may see by your light that was before the sun and moon, give them a new sight. Clean the mud that blinds the visual image for those who linger endlessly in the dark, may they perceive with your eyes allow them to view the image of the true world, one divided by them whom they are made as slaves by the rulers of this world. open the ears to those walking in death so they may hear instructions, give your sense of hearing to the hard observer to take up reproach so that they may break the chains of oppression give strength so they may straighten up and stand on the own yet with many others . 
Show them the edge of the sword so that they are able to separate the spirit from flesh, circumcise them from the flesh as the world has separated and divided you from there spirit, now they cannot see you, they hear you not nor able to come to you; let them see, allow them to hear, let come again into your presence and experience divine love and fellowship with you the Creator of life the teacher. So they may preach the good news by demonstrating a new Creation, cut the cords with your mighty sword and heal there spiritual affliction in slavery. Please almighty God; of the most high who has no beginning and no end, there is only you. Grant us this service lord. The world gives many names to you Father, king, Lord God yet you are one, a living GOD; Who is like you? 
shine your light for your children so too, they may see what we see, give them your gentile hand and strengthen them by your mighty arm with power and might to break free from this world of flesh, with your spirit free them from spiritual bondage in this world. Permit them to serve as witness to those who put to death the author of life, they are the slayers of life. Transition them back into a new spiritual living world with a new holy image to obtain true fellowship with you. You are not one like many people who lack less than mighty courage. I see them seated together but yet remain divided, there treasure, there gold, there own will their rules they have deemed more important than you Father. 
What is learned by ways or your word and they have changed-over time and have built other churches riotously by greed, creeds, and control. But divide not, give the united church of tomorrow to all whom wish to carry the truth and come to reproach. So that as I received, they will receive, so you will receive I pray that all will receive, so that the children receive the gift of life. If they should be slaves let them slave to you not to them this is your creation this they cannot create. their spirit can imitate the worlds image. But you have taught us beyond human teaching of this world by the spirit of truth we will perceive the true image of you to receive the truth. Let them rebuild your temple . so you will have a set enthrone in your temple, your church that is in me you placed also in them, as the children imitate what they see and hear so they do, show the oppressed the path. If they must follow allow them to follow you. So we may stand as one in you they will stand too undivided never separated in spirit. Father I am me and I do your words can I make it simple, more ordinary, bringing understanding to what is given. I pray Let it be so, by Jesus we believe to remain ever more in you as one.
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