Hey, guys. It's early in the morning at the time this was typed. My dad fought his battle. The battle is named Life. The battle ended on the night of yesterday, close to midnight. My dad lost the fight to God. It's painful. It's tough. But hey, my dad's an angel now. He watches over my family, living with Jesus. But this experience has changed me. I'm not a potty-mouthed idiot anymore. I am who I am. Recently, I mentioned here that I didn't know who I was. But now I know. I am who I was born to be. Thank you guys for your support, my dad should know about it. I'll probably go to school for a minute, just to tell Mr. Gomez and those who don't have G+. I'll be crying, but crying cries of knowledge. Knowledge that my dad's loss wasn't for nothing, he passed for a reason. He passed because of God's will, and God's will is nothing wrong. I repent for all the sins I've done. And, as words of parting, I want you guys to respect your parents. For me. For my dad. See you guys~

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hey guys

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