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Name:Aqua Heart
Likes;Fashion,Diamonds,Friendly People,Kit Kats,Hot Chocolate,Dark Chocolate,White Chocolate,Hastags
Dislikes;Being Called Hearty,Black,Pink,Spiders,PERVETS!
Bio;OH GOD BAD MEMORY #idontknowit

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Sexuality: straight
Species: pony alicorn
Likes: making friends
Dislikes: bullies
Bio: he is small for his age because of a mutation in his dna that caused him to stop growing when he was 1 and right after his parents were killed infront of him but he was sparred, when the police found him he was crying ontop of his parents screaming wake up mommy wake up daddy over and over again before he was removed and sent to a orphanage where he has lived his whole life
Throughout his life he has always had to have been moved from orphanage to orphanage because the kids would always beat him up cause they always thought he was lying about how old he was till he was 10 years old and they finally found a orphanage that the kids accepted him so hes been able to stay there, but while the other kids moved up in ages and rooms he was always stuck in the one year old room but his froends always remained loyal begging the owners to allow them to play with him, luckily the owners said they were allowed because of how old he actually was

When the time for him to go to school actually came he was super scared that all the teasing and bullying would start up again and he would have to leave all his friends but the owners forced him to go and yet again he was bullied for his size coming back to the orphanage with broken bones and bruises every day.

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Name: Kit "Cocoa" Kat
Gender: Female, DUH!!!
Likes: Kit Kats, Hot Cocoa, Chocolate
Hates: Being Called Kit Kat, Vanilla Stuff
Personality: Outgoing, Nice, Bouncy, Bubbly
Friends: Fire Ant (My old OC), +Duel_Gamer_X90,+blueberry and green gem, +blue heart
Bio: Even I can't remember!

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My Name is: Fire Ant
L:Bow and Arrow,Black,Red
Bio: She was an orphan since birth, the only love she ever got in her life was from her friends. Her first friend was at the orphanage. Her name was Goodie Goodie, then a mare of all pink, light and dark took her away, I noticed that she had balloons as a cutie mark, she never saw her again. She never had a home, that was until a changeling let her stay with him.

Friends:Blueberry, Thunder Storm, Dova Kin, Shadow Gem, Goodie Goodie, and Animal Flame.

Art By: Me
Character By:Me
Style By: YOU GET THE POINT, IT'S ME!!! Also, I did not use a base, I drew this in MS Paint.

I'm the new kid at school and I'm super shy because i'm still the size of a foal and need to wear diapers so I'm scared about what everyone is going to say so i slowly crawl int the school looking around nervously and hoping i can get through the school year without to much trouble.

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Name: firestrike
age: 16
Bio: he is small for his age because hes still the size of a foal and he can't seem to be able to leave diapers because he can't pottytrain

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Name;Pop Star
Like;Winter and every wether
Dislike;Pony who dossent like winter
Bio;She get her cm [cutie mark] when the wether was winter

Yay 100th member

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you see me crying looking at pictures of my freinds and sniffs i wish they were here..... you walk up to me and say... (OPEN RP!)

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name:candy hearts
very adorable
BIO:she was found in the everfree forest by RD and soarin and her older sis is thunder there always fighting but there very sweet to eachother sometimes. candy hearts is sweet and kind to all ponies. mare and stallion. filly and colt.
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