Just purchased Evan Moor Begiining Geography K-2 on Amazon and will share when I get it. Also bought math center puzzles on tpt .. want to share that too.They need to be laminated... what's our status on laminator? I'll try to get to Staples to laminate....

When would be a good time for us to get together to score the Trimester 1 Assessment?

Close reading activities for 'Twas the night before Christmas and You're a mean one , Mr. Grinch song... Will share Monday🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

Hope everyone had a wonderful day off:). Ann and I were looking for activities that our kids can do when we get our chrome books to help enhance our close reading lesson. We found some good stuff on ReadWriteThink. More to follow.

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I am sharing what I have been working on today and planning on using it some of it tomorrow for close reading. There are many questions we could use with this poem, but I only wrote a couple. Feel free to use it if you would like to and to make suggestions to make it better. Enjoy! :-)

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The Spider and the Fly vocabulary words (there are many of them!). I am planning on discussing them as we read along.

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The Spider and the Fly close read questions.

Hello second grade lovely ladies. Cheryl and I decided to get together this weekend to really explore the Stems website. Cheryl discovered where and how to navigate the site. So, we have decided it would be easier to print some of the things out and create a binder. We are very excited to share this with you ladies. We can meet sometime this week to collaborate.

so...my kids bought Pokémon books at book fair even though they can't read them... I asked Cheryl how I could use for close reading and she suggested students could make their own Pokémon cards with stats on the back: Physical characteristics, character traits, power, and interesting facts. So I made one today and will have the kids do it this week. We also acted out one of our reading selections today: It is very helpful to the Ells!

When my son was at Bernon they played Word-o. Blank bingo card and kids wrote in vocabulary words for the week. Teacher calls out "This word means...." and the kids would mark on bingo sheet if they had it. He loved it!
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