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1. Please censor NSFW artworks. Tag a mod if you need help or you're too lazy

2. Preferably no foul language. Don't expect this rule to be enforced.

3. No spam, no exceptions.

4. Use common sense. If you think something is a bad idea, it probably is.

5. "Other" category is for if something is suggestive or doesn't fit into any other categories.

6. For obvious reasons, no posting in the mods only category unless you are a mod. Yes, this actually results in a strike.

7. No rock f*ers allowed. Promoting/liking SU porn is a perma-ban worthy offense at the owners' digression

8. *For Mods Mods may not kick or ban without consulting an owner. Owners may kick or ban for any reason at will. Bans may be appealed depending on the offense.

9. Banner suggestions: Every few days I will review the banner suggestions. If I find one I like, I just might make it the banner. ;)

Breaking any of the above rules will result in a strike. 1 strike will net you a warning. 2 strikes, you get kicked, but are allowed to rejoin. 3 strikes results in a ban. You can tag a mod to appeal your ban, preferably the one who banned you.

+Hopeless Get away

+I eat memes for breakfast

Wall of shame:
Azhari Husaini
Lapis Lazuli /Jessie/
MichaelB Benson (Lunatic)

Rip :( there's only one mod here we need more mods :(

Dead community rip

Why do people want to have sex with rocks?

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god damnit BM

this is nasty
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